Oh dear, this could be an expensive few months...
New iPad with HD display, new Canon cameras, new Lightroom... All the shiny stuff!


And no, I don't 'need' any of it. And yes, I do 'want' all of it ;)

Seriously though, I'll wait for reviews before taking the plunge. And wait for decent support too - the rule with Canon seems to be to wait for the first firmware update, which fixes the things people curse about for a month or two. At the very least, I'd wait until the apps I use support the files properly.

In fact, I'm still undecided whether a 7D replacement or a 5D MkIII would be a better fit for me - and the rumours the 7D isn't going to be replaced are just muddying the waters. All the more reason to wait!

And I am not queueing up for an iPad, so I guess that's going to be a short delay also.

Anyone want to buy a print? Or a kidney?
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