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Mark Hodson
Co-founder of 101 Holidays. Travel writer, journalist, editor, coach. Travel SEO consultant, Huffington Post blogger.
Co-founder of 101 Holidays. Travel writer, journalist, editor, coach. Travel SEO consultant, Huffington Post blogger.

1,000 books before I die...

I'm looking for reading recommendations.

I reckon I can realistically only read another 1,000 books in my lifetime (25 a year, for the next 40 years).

So I don't want to waste time reading mediocre books, and I don't want to miss out on any greats.

Please tell me the books you have loved the most - not the books you feel you ought to read like Middlemarch or Vanity Fair, but haven't got around to reading. What are the books that you really loved, that enriched your life?

If you were going into hospital with a terminal disease, what 2 or 3 books would you take with you?

This could include non-fiction and biography as well as fiction, lowbrow as well as highbrow...

Interesting email exchange with a very angry travel blogger...

(I'm still a bit confused. Was I out of line here? This person had published my photograph without permission or a credit, and then made me feel I was doing something wrong..!)

Hi Mica

I like your blog - nice use of images and typography.

you used one of my images on this page:

on my Flickr page I request a credit with a link to my site - - (you’re mentioned my site, but there’s no link).

I’m not going to be an asshole about this, but it would be really nice if you would add the link. If not, don’t worry. Have a good day.




I debated whether I should even warrant your nasty email with a response, and clearly you've caught me on a bad day because otherwise I'd ignore rude people like you. Seeing as how you've been in this business a long time, you could probably see that the post wasn't written by myself. When folks submit articles to me I assume they have taken all the steps to credit links appropriately. Clearly this was not the case with you as you are the only person to ever email me and use PROFANITY when I don't even know you? And was it really necessary? Who are you to talk to people like that! 

In any case I have REMOVED your photo entirely from the article. You should be real proud of yourself there, is this how you talk to your wife and family? I can only assume so. You have no class. I will block any further emails from you.


P.S. Your photo was one of the ugliest in the bunch so no worries having it GONE

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My daughter's school is asking pupils to "dress up as super heroes and princesses!!!" for Children in Need. My daughter is 10. This is the email I sent to her headteacher:

Dear Ms James

My daughter is a Year 6 pupil at [School]. Yesterday we received a letter from the school about Children in Need saying: "This year we are asking the children and staff to dress up as super heroes and princesses!!!"

Aside from the repeated pressure for parents - many of whom hold down full-time jobs - to come up with fancy dress outfits only a few days after Halloween, I wonder if any thought has gone into what messages this is sending to our sons and daughters? Are you expecting any boys to dress up as princesses, or any girls to dress up as superheroes? 

It's not the school's fault, of course, that even today there are very few female superheroes. I think primary school children will be too young to remember Wonder Woman. Or were you thinking of the ultra-violent, profanity-spewing Hit-Girl, star of the 18-rated Kick Ass movies?

I'm aware that very young girls may wish to dress as a princess, but it's certainly not something that my daughter would want to do, nor would I ever encourage her to do. Nor would I propose she dress as Batman or Superman. I'd like her to have loftier aspirations and to find strong female role models. 

Ms [Name], what kinds of messages do you feel this is sending to your pupils? Are you really happy with this crude and outdated gender stereotyping? Would you dress your own Year 6 daughters as princesses to be paraded at school?

My son has just left Graveney and I'm pleased to report that that school is more enlightened in terms of gender politics. It would be great to think that [School] could make a leap into the 21st Century in the near future.

Your sincerely

Mark Hodson 

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Dear Coke copywriters ... it's "fewer" not "less".

As in, for example, "fewer calories, but less taste".

Am I just being an old fogey pedant, or is correct grammar important to you?

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So what are the cheapest long haul destinations?

(it's complicated)

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Oops. Sub-editors asleep at The Times?

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This man can't eat a sandwich or drink a cup of tea

Vote for Ed!
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