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Mark Highton Ridley
Works at Highton-Ridley Fine Art Photography and CEO Crocus Information Ltd, Business Analysis on Tap
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Consultant business analyst for organizations going through change. Black and white fine art photographer
  • Highton-Ridley Fine Art Photography and CEO Crocus Information Ltd, Business Analysis on Tap
    Senior Business Analyst and Fine Art Photographer, present
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Highton Ridley
Photographer and Business Analyst - Curiosity killed the cat....
- Black and white photography is my passion. - I've had work published in Photo magazines and the BBC has frequently shown my work and they commissioned a photo essay from me for the relaunch of their Devon website. - My day job for 8 months of each year is as a freelance business analyst. I became a contractor through my own limited company in early 1991, moving from a permanent job as a systems analyst in 1990. The limited company, Crocus Information Ltd, is the vehicle behind my various revenue streams, including photography. Phrase that people were always saying to me, remembered from my childhood "Curiosity killed the cat...". Artist's Statement There's something raw about well-executed black and white photography that has always reached in and touched me deeply. Colour is all fine and d(c)andy - some shots take my breath away in their appeal to my higher senses. But it takes b&w to pluck at my more basic, primaeval instincts. I think it's that connection which attracts me to this genre. - Light/line, - tone/texture, - pattern/perspective - and structure/abstraction; when I see these in everyday scenes and objects, all it takes is their pleasing convergence and the right viewpoint... there's beauty to be found in the most unexpected of places. About my work I'm told my photography shows a keen eye and incisive observation and that I find and reveal powerful imagery in the everyday and the mundane. I hope so, and I invite you to reassess the familiar with fresh eyes and listen to the story I'm trying to tell. I try to evoke emotional responses in you, responses ranging from wistful, soaring, breathtaking, hopeful and humbling, to sensual, tactile, pensive and empathic. ...and judging from the comments on my blog and gallery images, I'm managing it more often than not. img.imageResizerActiveClass{cursor:nw-resize !important;outline:1px dashed black !important;} img.imageResizerChangedClass{z-index:300 !important;max-width:none !important;max-height:none !important;} img.imageResizerBoxClass{margin:auto; z-index:99999 !important; position:fixed; top:0; left:0; right:0; bottom:0; border:1px solid white; outline:1px solid black;}
Bragging rights
Commissioned By BBC for relaunch of Devon site - Banksy was chosen for the Bristol one! Merged the payment processing organisations of the Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise when they became one: HMRC. The integrity of the UK's cash flow was in my hands. All went smoothly!
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Plymouth, Devon
Borders / Edinburgh


*Spasers? Spasers!
Surface Plasmon Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation no less. I prefer "spaser" :)
This looks like it will run and run. Great news that they've found they can make spasers with graphene
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Very cool and "ausome"!  :)
I'm just taking baby steps on the Ausome journey so far.   But one step forward, right!
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It's amazing +Tammy Jackson how a few steps forward every so often can take you on a long journey (there's something a bit Zen in that, lol!).
I'm glad cheery folk like you have accompanied me :)
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It's true - dogs are still to blame...
..for the time-honoured ate-my-homework reason for having nothing to hand in :)
Happy Friday! #funnyfriday
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Probably lower calorie this way...
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She really does have a great voice

Let's hope she remains balanced as her talent changes her life.

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Scaleable - but will we see it come to market?
There is so much promise with graphene and it seems like we've been hearing all about its wondrous properties for ever, now. But I can't think of a single mainstream product that uses it.

(And I don't count tennis rackets!)

Come on you gals and guys out there - let's see it in practice!

 #science #graphene
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Have him in circles
10,842 people
Aw, heck yes :)

Wishing the kid a great life :)
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Mark Highton Ridley

Promotion Advice & Ideas  - 
Just noticed this - really cool and beneficial
I'd read about it in passing but now that I've seen it, I can't believe how cool it is!

I posted one of my Z products on one of my Blogger promo blogs.

The lovely +Debbie Hill bumped into it, commented and shared it on G+ (Thanks Debbie!)
I got a notification of this and looked at the post on my blog, where I saw Debbie's comment.

I plus-oned and replied to Debbie's comment on the blog and looked at the reshare that she did.

Her original comment, my plus-one and my reply were there on her re-share as well as on my blog post (you can see the blog post linked in the piccy panel below).

Debbie's reshare is here:

...and you'll see they are identical! So now if someone comments or +1s either Debbie's reshare or the blog post, both places will show everything.

How cool is that?
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Ah... Well I'm glad you got it sorted, anyway :) +TheAspenStand 
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A theory on the too-bright gamma ray source the centre of our galaxy. Hmmmm. it needs following up but I'm nowhere near convinced. Still, it is tantalizing!

What is dark matter? Spoiler alert: I'm not actually going to answer that question, which is just a few notches below "What's the meaning of life?
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But when will we see them?
Forgive my hesitation to get excited... 'though I must admit this seems a lot closer than other 'breakthroughs' in graphene.

Now we just need a similar breakthrough in solar cells and we'll be able to deal a big blow against global warming.

So hurry up and get them to market!

  #science #graphene  
A Korean research team has developed a supercapacitor technology that can charge devices 1000 times faster. Thus, a new graphene supercapacitor is likely to be used in electric cars and other electronic devices as next-gen energy storage equipment. A research team led by Professor Lee Hyo-young at Sungkyunkwan University and Dr. Yoon Yeo-heung announced on April 16 that they successfully developed a high-performance supercapacitor technology that...
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What are the chances...?
..actually, rather high, when we get the right tools to search with.

But that doesn't detract from this fantastic discovery. Another step on the way to becoming familiar and at ease with our galactic surroundings.

  #outerspace #astronomy
Awesome news: Scientists from NASA just announced the first verified discovery of an Earth-sized planet inside the "habitable zone" of another star.

A habitable zone is defined as the range of distances from a star where liquid water might pool on the surface of an orbiting planet. You can read more about the discovery here:

So, who wants to go to Kepler-186f? <_raises hands_>
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