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Mark Hebblewhite
Mark Hebblewhite : Corporate Photographer, Videographer and Multimedia
Mark Hebblewhite : Corporate Photographer, Videographer and Multimedia

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14 years of using +eBayUKofficial and have had £39.96 stolen from me and eBay doesn't care.

I'm so dissapointed in eBay and their customer service - it's rubbish.

Don't purchase from this user:

They will just take your money, make you open a case to get the money back - then you are basically screwed! And eBay will just close the case without even contacting you!!!!

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What time is it?

It's +MicroBarBox​ time!!!!

Actually first time I've ordered from them and got the package today. Beautifully packaged and would make a good gift - but this one is mine.

Check their website out

#Christmas #Giftideas 

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Hello all,

I have just built my first 'collection', categorising quite a few of my street photography that I have taken over the years.

Tell me what you think and please share your 'collections' with me, as I would love to see more of your street work, and the collections seems to cut out a lot of the noise we get.

All the best,

#collection #streetphotography #blackandwhitephotography  

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That's too funny Twitter blocked URL sent via DM to a buddy. What's that all about? #ello #socialmedia #twitter 

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It will be interesting to see how this SM works. Looking forward to giving it a go and sharing my thoughts. Are you using it yet and what are your thoughts? 

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I took this around midnight in temperatures of -10c (brrrrrr). Taken at
Akureyri north Iceland.

Iceland is an amazing country to visit.

#iceland #icelandphotography  

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Good point by +Fitzrovia News do we do Friday Follow?

+Felipe Apostol +Andrew Scharf +Andy Burke +UK Photography Community

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This shot was taken on the east side of Iceland. Have never seen such perfect reflections.

I would highly recommend a visit to this beautiful country, so if you get a chance, fly over to Iceland, hire a car and just drive and you will see some of the most alien and beautiful landscapes you have ever seen.

#iceland #icelandscapes #olympusem5 #4thirds  
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