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So what does this mean for Google Earth?
- Sketchup sold
- Maps going Web-gl
- Earth getting very little love from the dev dept.
From my past experience with Trimble it will be rolled into a proprietary product and disapear or get rebranded. Look at most anything they acquire. TDS is an excellent example. <begin rant> I have $5,000 TDS data collector with TDS Survey Pro 4.71. TDS always released minor updates for free, Trimble bought them and released version 4.8 IIRC my dealer quoted me $1,800 for a software upgrade. The same product is now at version 5 and rebranded as Spectra Precision. They have no desire to support the old customers of which I had been one since the early 90's</rant>
I expect Earth to get sold much as I hate to say it. Maybe Trimble will buy them too to keep the association of the two products together.
I don't understand it either and it makes me nervous about the future of Google Earth. Google Earth/3D Warehouse has to be the largest combined host for 3D geo-data. With this move, Google doesn't seem concerned about managing that data. So what does that mean? Do they have something up their sleeve? Perhaps they can generate their own 3D buildings a la Building Maker :(
I feel like I'm going to be assembling ships in a bottle in a year.
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