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Delightfully soft and delicate, perfect for a peaceful morning. :)
Ah this could not be more perfect with the song.... shh-shh-shivering! Brought back great memories...huge smiles here! 
rain on the windowpane a very nice black and white photo :)  like the spiderweb
great stuff, Mark. If you look closer, I don't know what I like better: the sharpness of water drops on the lower side or the unsharpeness of the net on the upper side... just a gorgeous capture! ^^
Thank you  +Andi Drew I finally got to see The Cure last year at a festival called Bestival they played for two and a half hours and were completely awesome :)
Thanks +Tracey Owen I was actually outside for this but the drops do look reminiscent of a window.
Thank you very much +Peter Gogolin captured with my first love the Nikkor 35mm 1.8 DX lens it gives lovely detail and the bokeh is pretty good. I had trouble locking on the focus so this is a manual handheld capture.
+Mark Hall I bet that was awesome!! Have never seen them live :( ...but that album is imprinted on me for sure! 
That looks like a primo festival!! (jealous!) ;) It has been so long since I have been to a music festival...I need to go to one! I know you will have a blast!! And take lots of pictures! 
I love the soft tones to this shot, +Mark Hall . Those droplets that sparkle like jewel as they clung to the web strands are so pretty. Thank you for sharing this with #webbywednesday.
Ada M
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