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Who really owns the photos you post on Twitter, Facebook and other social sites? This definitive guide from +Kathy E. Gill will help you figure that out:
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Excellent article. Seems like the best solution would be an app that appends a clear credit at the edge of the photo (NOT a big honking watermark), which would provide copyright and contact info. We can at least start by assuming commercial users have an interest in playing by the rules but that figuring out how to get permission for a fantastic and time-sensitive photo is a messy slow process, esp. if it has gone viral. (I should be so lucky.)
I think Flickr does the best job of that out of all the services. They include a variety of copyrights including Creative Commons on all their photos.
I agree +Mark Glaser -- the problem is that there isn't a clear place for stating what the attribution should be. It wouldn't be appropriate for someone to merely use my Flickr handle. Nearly all my postings are Creative Commons, but I have only gotten a couple requests for my desired wording of the attribution. Flickr could just include this as part of the boilerplate when a photo is posted. I could put it with my description, but never remember to do that.
Flickr should have that as part of the boilerplate because it's very difficult to find that out on your own as a publisher.
I rarely put a photograph up that is not inundated with watermark and copyright on its face. It may not look as lovely but I feel the necessity to protect my images and the person who may be in the image! my FB page
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