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Do you trust reviews on Yelp? A lot of small businesses don't think you should:
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People in the inner standard deviations (which I'll casually refer to as the proletariat) tend give the most extreme good or bad reviews. I tend to go for the middle reviews that have good and bad things to say, because people who think of things more complexly tend to write about realistic experiences that shed light on the good and the bad.
Does anyone trust Yelp! anymore? They've burned about everyone I feel like - if you haven't yet, just wait.
I just ignore the rants about coupons and not letting one's dogs in the restaurant for a real report of the place.
It matters to me which businesses are dog friendly and give good customer service.Yelp's comments do help me.
It is a way for people to be heard who may feel extremely happy or frustrated.
People tend to review when they are extremely happy or really mad. I read both.  I better go look to see if there are any comments about my photography service!
Good point. It's a complicated situation for them.
I was thinking about this over the weekend, and I have to ask: is anything is stronger than word of mouth? And when we use Yelp, are we experiencing word of mouth or are we experiencing Yelp?

What would Marshall McLuhan say?
That's the question. It appears to be word of mouth, but you don't know who the mouths really belong to.
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