A little video I shot last night...
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Australian Geographic shared this video on Facebook so went to G+ to find you - thanks!
Gorgeous video. I emailed the Vimeo link to a bunch of friends (not on G+) who also loved it.
I am totally in love with this.
Been to Mt Victoria - didn't know it's so beautiful at night! I have to keep watching this.
lu lu
I was greatly touched by your video,it's like the dream goes on.Really hope share with my love which is slip away before my eyes.Wish you happy and forever.
lu lu
Again,Watching this amazing video , I melted into tears Thanks  a lot.
The music is unbelievable.
I'll be in love with it for a long time .... :>)
meaviglioso grazie per avermi dato la possibilità di vedere questa Luna  che sorge....complimenti
I really can't say enough abut how amazing this is +Mark Gee. Huge congrats for having it all come together after trying so many times. 
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