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I've been working on some exciting things with Canon, and they have just posted an interview I did with them on the Canon Asia Snapshot website.
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Parallels on +500px 
The galactic center of our Milky Way rises above farmland on the outskirts of Queenstown, New Zealand. I was taken to the location by one of the local astrophotographers and it was certainly a crazy night! We had to hike up what seemed like a never ending hill in the dark, and once we got to the top, we found ourselves dodging bullets from hunters on the property. Luckily they ended up spotting us, and after a friendly conversation, they continue...
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Night Beacon up on +500px 
The galactic center of our Milky Way rises high above the Point Halswell Lighthouse in Wellington, New Zealand. The night I shot this was really windy and difficult conditions to photograph in, but I did manage to do a Facebook live broadcast of the shoot which you can find here: <a href=""></a> Keep up to date with my lates...
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Want to take fantastic shots of the stars? Mark Gee will share his pro tips with you.
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The Church of the Good Shepherd up on +500px 
The Church of the Good Shepherd under a moody sky as winter finally arrives at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.
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It is hard these days to shoot a photo without tourists in the picture. 
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Tasman Moonrise on +500px 
The moon rises over the snow capped mountains surrounding Lake Tasman and the Tasman Valley in the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand. The Tasman glacier feeds into this lake and you can see the scattered ice bergs which periodically break off the apron of the glacier and float away down the lake.
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Moonset Under The Stars up on +500px 
As moon sets on the horizon to the west of Wellington, New Zealand, the stars and the Milky Way get brighter as the night sky darkens above.
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Bushtops Sunrise on +500px 
Sunrise on my one of my recent adventures to Bushtops Camps in the Mara, Kenya, Africa.
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A doco on my astrophotography which I recently made with French filmmaker Stéphane Charmoillaux.
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There are many hidden gem locations in Wellington, New Zealand along the shoreline of the harbour, and I spend a lot of time exploring them. This location is only a 5 minute drive from my house, so I recently planned a shoot to capture the galactic centre of our Milky Way rising above the hills to the east, with the old pine tree growing from a rocky outcrop silhouetted against the night sky.
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Awesome picture 😃
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Life without dark skies - you don't know what you're missing...

Mark Gee is an award winning photographer & digital visual effects artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has worked on many high profile and Oscar award winning feature films. His love of the New Zealand landscape is a big part of the inspiration for his photography.

Wholly self-taught, Mark’s style of photography is influenced by his many years of experience in the feature film business, & with an eye for detail he strives to produce creative images of exceptional quality, no matter what the subject. Since he began to seriously focus on developing his photography skills over a decade ago, Mark has continuously worked on improving his craft, thriving on setting the bar ever higher and challenging himself to do better yet every time he sets out to shoot.

While his images portray a wide variety of subjects, in the past few years astrophotography in particular has captured Mark’s imagination and interest. He often ventures out to the darkest, most remote skies all around the country, enjoying the challenge of combining New Zealand’s striking landscapes with the ethereal beauty of the night sky in new, creative ways. This has led to international success with Mark being short-listed in the 2012 & 2014 Astronomy Photographer of the Year, a finalist in the 2012 World Open of Photography, and 4th place in the 2014 International Earth and Sky Photo Competition, as well as having images published in various books and magazines.

Marks recent short film, ‘Full Moon Silhouettes‘ also gained him international acclaim after going viral online, and has been broadcast all over the world by the likes of CNN, The BBC, NASA and various other main stream media.

In 2013, Mark won the prestigious Astronomy Photographer of the Year. Not only did he win it overall, but Mark also won the Earth and Space category, and the People and Space category which had never been done before in the competitions history.

Since then, Mark has gone onto to sharing his passion and knowledge on the public speaking circuit. One of the highlights of that was his well received TEDx talk in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2014.

Mark’s passion for his craft is tangible in each and every image, & he has enjoyed an enthusiastic response from the public, particularly on his Facebook page, but also on his website, where he offers his work for sale.

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