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Little Suzzie

A very good song by Tesla. 

#rocknroll   #songoftheday  
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+Mark Gaw you know this id a great share .Thank you
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A Shadow of Things

Granite Falls, NC

#monochrome #blackandwhite 
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+Wahab fd thank you
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Photographer Victor Stonem

#stilllifephotography   #photography  
Victor Stonem, who began photographing at the age of 14, presents us with a collection of photos that are simple, elegant and deliberate. Largely still lifes, Victor's photographs are carefully staged; it's clear that Victor has put time and thought into preparing the objects he's capturing before taking the photo. His compositions reveal consideration of lines, color, and shadows. Beyond these basic elements, Victor has a knack for pulling personality into his images. There is often a unique detail within each photo, something we don't expect. For example, in a simple photograph of a cup of coffee, there are a few small piles of coffee grounds, creating texture in an otherwise clean composition. Instead of simply photographing a delicious slice of cake, Victor shows us a hand with a fork, swooping in to take a bite. These small, simple details bring interest and personality to Victor's images. See more of Victor's work on his VSCO Grid:
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Great compositions for such a young artist!
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She Must Be Reading

This scene is at Romare Bearden Park in Charlotte, NC. If you note the light hitting the dude making photos and the lady sitting on the bench, its the reflection of the setting sun off the Charlotte skyline.

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+jd quinitchette maybe a relative. :)
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Park Gathering

Charlotte, NC

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Music & Art

Asheville, NC

#streetart #streetfineart 
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Thank you +Mark Gaw 
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Charlotte, NC

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Photographer Phil Chester

#portraitphotography   #weddingphotography  
Portland-based Phil Chester is a wedding and portrait photographer who has a talent for capturing genuine images. Working in collaboration with stylists Jill Mason and Kate Rutter, Phil captured a series of portraits inspired by the quirky summer style of the 1990's, along with the nostalgic, off-beat vibe of Southeast Portland. See Phil's images and read more about his thoughts on photography and portraiture on the journal .
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Photographer Benjamin Hole

#landscapephotography   #farming  
Through his VSCO Grid, farmer and photographer Benjamin Hole hopes to share with viewers "a genuine portrayal of farming life on our foggy little Isle. In an age where the importance of knowing exactly where our food comes from and how what we eat has a direct effect on our health, I hope that even in the subtlest of ways, my photos will help people reconnect with the land.” See more of Benjamin's images:
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Will She Survive?

Asheville, NC

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Good. Do a little exploring and see what you can create from it. 
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I'm currently an evangelist in the natural products industry.
Simplifying, Organization, Merchandising, Relationship building, Photography
  • Garden of Life
    Territory Manager, 2008 - present
  • Threshold Enterprises
    Territory Manager, 2001 - 2008
  • Hearst Corporation
    Audit Associate, 1997 - 2001
Contact Information
(803) 810-9135
Fort Mill, SC
Photographer & Thinker
My purpose of being here on Google+ is for photography and engagement with new people. Here’s a plug for Guy Kawasaki and his book ‘What The Plus’. That book inspired me to become more involved here on Google+. Guy communicates, and simplifies, the nature and benefits of being a part of Google+. I’ve met many beautiful people since becoming more active here. Further down you will see a list of people who have helped make my experience exceptional on Google+.

Keep in mind that this platform is for sharing your passions and connecting with people who have the same interests as you. My number one passion is photography. Making photos’ of what I see day to day. Photos’ tell stories and open up the imagination of the viewer. I encourage you to let your imagination open up and take you wherever when you are viewing photos’ posted by photographers. The world is being shared through photographs. 

Since I have my mobile device with me most of the time, I'm big into mobile photography. I use VSCOcam for Android app to edit my work; sometimes Snapseed. The VSCOcam app offers presets that appeal to my love for saturation, fade, and contrast. 

Photos of mine are under Creative Commons license, Attribution-NonCommercial. If you want to use my photos for non-commercial purposes, ask and I will give you permission via email. 

Photography themes I am most interested in:


Other interests I have beyond photography:

Personal Development
Social Media/Marketing
Heavy Metal Music

Circles To Place Me

Urban Photography
Street Photography
Macro photography
Mobile photography
Health & Wellness

More About Me

I'm a thinker fueled by bacon. This translates to, I’m an introvert who loves meat. :)

I'm taking steps towards becoming a professional photographer. I do this by going out and making a lot of photos. Practice and you'll learn. My photography bag currently consists of a *Canon S100* and *Nikon D5100*, and my HTC One for mobile shots. 

I'm interested in connecting with other photographers and learn from them. Also, I welcome comments on photos' I make. That will help me learn to make better photos'.

Around The World

In my mid-twenties I took the opportunity to travel to destinations such as The Netherlands, Russia, Uzbekistan, India, and Germany. My favorite country in Europe is The Netherlands. It's a beautiful place to visit and to live. In my travels I learned to greatly appreciate diversity in language, culture, and history.

My travels have also taken me to Belgium, England, France, and Hawaii. :)

Since 1988 I have lived in the Charlotte, NC area, except for the three years I lived in The Netherlands. The Queen City is beautiful and I enjoy it.

What’s Playing Now

I'm big into music, as a listener, mostly heavy hard hitting tunes. Bands' whose music I play the most are:

Alice In Chains
Judas Priest
Pearl Jam
Red Hot Chili Peppers

There are others I do enjoy but those are at the top of my list.

New To Google+?

If you are new to Google+, I encourage you to follow the listed links that provide guidance on how to have a great experience. The beautiful people behind the tips have helped me have just that. I recommend adding them to one of your circles.

How To Do Almost Anything On Google+ by +Peter G McDermott

Explore Google products/services on Google+ by +Denis Labelle

GooglePlus Helper by +Google+ Helper

Google+ Tutorials Guides and Tips by +Shamil Weerakoon

Google+ Video Tutorials by +Martin Shervington

Bragging rights
In 1993 I made a 12 week trip to Uzbekistan with eleven other people, who were strangers to me six weeks prior. A trip such as this takes you out of your comfort zone big time.
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Charlotte, NC
Crystal Lake, Illinois - Barnaul, Russia - Kemerovo, Russia - Rock Hill, SC - Ft. Mill, SC - Roanoke, VA - Charlottesville, VA - Pineville, NC - Gonzalez, LA - Albuquerque, NM - Orlando, FL - Stuarts Draft, VA - Los Alamos, NM - Waynesboro, VA - Bucharah, Uzbekistan -
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No Shave, But a Haircut

The best haircut service I ever had was from the lady in the photo. The shop she owns is located in Wilmington, NC where I used to travel to

In Waiting

Photographer in waiting for a band to hit the stage. What better way to kill time than with your mobile device. I find some of the best phot


A roadie hanging out stage side at the Van's Warped Tour in Charlotte, NC. Equipment used: Hipstamatic John S Lens BlacKeys SuperGrain Film

Making Jewelry

This photo begins the series of images I will be posting here of people I encounter in my travels. The title of the series is The Beautiful

20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best Of Cinderella

The Millennium Collection: The Very Best of Cinderella gathers highlights from the hair metal group's body of work, including "Nobody's Fool

Making Photos

While relaxing in the Southpark area of Charlotte, NC, I observed the two gents making photos of a small group of people. They seemed intere

SC Railroad

A morning shot of a railroad through Fort Mill, SC. This portion runs by Regent Park where the PTL ministry once operated. The rust on the t

SC Railroad

A morning shot of a railroad through Fort Mill, SC. This portion runs through Regent Park where the PTL ministry once operated. The rust on

Tullaghoge, County Tyrone

Tullaghoge, Tullyhogue, royal site of the O'Neill, O'Hagan family history, O'Neill family history, Northern Ireland historical sites, histor

Always a good experience at this restaurant. The service is very good. I like eating here for a quick meal. My order is always Beef Nachos. It's very tasty. So if you are needing a quick meal or not, Los Aztecas is a good place to visit. There is a patio on the side of the restaurant for nice warm evening when you want to eat outside.
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
My go to dish at Cowfish is the Ahi-tini. It is chunks of Ahi Tuna and Avocado along with a nice sauce, served in a martini glass. It is wonderful. I've always had good service there sitting at the bar. The fish is always fresh. I am a sashimi person. So it has to bee fresh. If you have never visited here, make it a point to go.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
I'm not sure where to begin with this restaurant. It's a small local place that has a community feel to it. There are two things that stand out to me that I like: 1. Customer service 2. Wings If you're wanting something fast and convenient, check it out. It is not a BBQ joint. It's a wing joint. There are a nice variety of flavors for wings. You can even order them grilled. The place does have a sports bar feel to it. Televisions are visible throughout the restaurant. Maybe the best wings in town, because it's the only wings in town.
• • •
Food: GoodDecor: Poor to fairService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
4 reviews
My experience with the staff has been the best thing going for this restaurant. They have always been attentive to what's happening at my table. Yeah, I would never say the food is excellent. You get what you pay for. It is ok for bar food. But I would not jump through hoops to grab a meal there. The decor is fine but nothing really inviting.
Food: GoodDecor: GoodService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago