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Mark Frauenfelder

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Thanks Carter. I don't have plans but I hope to write them up one day.
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Gave me a giggle!
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Mark Frauenfelder

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This is going to be a fun 3-day event produced by Boing Boing and Baby Tattoo!
A couple of updates about Weekend of Wonder (WoW).
A couple of updates about Weekend of Wonder (WoW), our upcoming three-day festival in Southern California: First, our Early Bird registration discount of 20% will end on Wednesday, May 20. We've al...
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Mark Frauenfelder

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Interesting video interview with a record store owner who came into possession of what could be an early illustrated draft of Jodorowsky's Dune
Grady Runyon owns a used record store in Ventura, CA. In this video by Rossangeles, Runyon tells a wonderful story about how a stranger asked to meet him in a parking garage to show him a mysteriou...
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Mark Frauenfelder

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First look trailer for Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs
Directed by Danny Boyle and written by Aaron Sorkin, this one minute teaser for Steve Jobs is enough to make up for that Ashton Kutcher thing that came out a while back.
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Mark Frauenfelder

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Have you had Okonomiyaki? I have dreams about it.
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Yep, eat it or make it a couple of times a month. It's easy; you don't need anything special beyond yam and preferably somewhat thin, soft cabbage (rough, hard stuff won't soften enough when you cook it).

And no, it's not pizza. It's okonomiyaki, and there's no straight equivalent in western foods.
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Mark Frauenfelder

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Find out who your real friends are by playing Ticket to Ride with them.
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Mark Frauenfelder

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If you enjoy travel and you enjoy books, chances are you enjoy travel books. Most of the time, however, there’s nothing more onerous to pack or carry in your day bag (or hip pocket) than a hefty travel guide. Take, for example, the Blue Guide New York, a favorite, which weighs 1.6 pounds. Chronicle Books has solved that heavyweight packing problem with its City Walks card series – now including options for travelers with children and dogs.

Each of the 26 editions – ranging from Amsterdam to Washington, D.C. – includes 50 pocket-sized cards featuring a bite-sized chunk of a city or village. Perfect for a day trip or an adventurous afternoon, each card features a walking tour that includes stops such as notable architecture, historical locations, interesting boutiques, recommended restaurants, and other highlights of the area. And, with each card weighing a mere one-eighth of an ounce, they won’t slow – or weigh – you down.

At the end of last year, my wife and I pocketed the East Los Angeles card – pick a card, any card, flaneurs! – and set forth to explore that neighborhood. We found absolutely everything we needed for the day: creative local cuisine, curious shops, a historic arts and community center that now houses a dancehall, and a public park in which we could sit and read once we finished walking. All on one four-by-six card that helped us largely dispense with the map and focus on the landscape instead. – Heath Row
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+Fred Calder sounds right up your alley.
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Mark Frauenfelder

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Last night I interviewed cartoonist Daniel Clowes (left) about the 25th anniversary of Eightball. Here I am with his friend, Alvin Buenaventura, publisher of Pigeon Press.
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Mark Frauenfelder

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World's cutest pocket knife.
Itty bitty knife
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My dad (and my mom) used to make miniatures; they're a lot of work and don't sell for much money, though.  Mom stopped and dad only does full-sized knives unless someone special orders something like this.
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Mark Frauenfelder

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Chez Goth – Live in a house of gloomy goths while collecting as much slack as possible

Chez Goth 
Steve Jackson Games 
Ages 13 and up, 2-5 players 

Chez Goth is a stand-alone “beer and pretzels” card game based on Steve Jackson Games’ Chez Geek (another house favorite). The artwork for Chez Goth and Chez Geek is by John Kovalic and is instantly recognizable to anyone who knows the Munchkin games or Kovalic’s popular gamer comic, Dork Towers.

It couldn’t be easier to play Chez Goth. In the game, you all live in a group house of gloomy goths. Your goal is to collect as much slack as possible. And gloom. The more gloom, the better, and you gain gloom by moping – more if you have an audience (misery loves company). You trade in gloom for slack. Reach your slack goal and you win.

In the game, you try and balance your job (e.g. video clerk, late night movie projectionist, barista), living with your kooky housemates and guests, buying life’s essentials with your paycheck (clove cigarettes, fishnets, eyeliner, absinthe), going to clubs, working on your blog, writing poetry, etc, all the while trying to collect as much slack as possible in the process. Play your cards right, and you might even get some graveyard nookie. While Chez Goth can be played alone, it can also be incorporated into Chez Geek (or related games, like Block Party and Slack Attack). A few rules have to be tweaked, but otherwise, the goths and geeks get along fine. Just keep the Corporate Drone away from Mopey Goth. Last game we played, Mopey Goth had Fake Fangs installed and he’s been dying to try them out. – Gareth Branwyn

See more photos here:
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Mark Frauenfelder

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Playing Suspend
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Mark Frauenfelder

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Nailed it!
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It told me I was a 43 year old woman.
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