My votes for the awards!

#1  G+ Photographer: +mary Zeman 
#2  G+ Photographer: +Terje Sorgjerd 
#3  G+ Hangout User: +Fraser Cain  
#4  G+ Writer/Storyteller: +Guy Kawasaki 
#5  G+ Most Informed About Google+: +Guy Kawasaki 
#6  G+ Most Helpful: +Nick Johnson 
#7  G+ User You’d Most Like To Meet IRL: +Richard Branson 
#8  G+ User as Google+ Spokesperson: +Jeri Ryan 
#9  G+ Best Business Page: 
#10 G+ Artist: +Linda O'Connell 

What about G+ Programmer, and G+ Actor, etc?  Lots of possibilities!

Don't vote in my comments go to the post and vote on it.
The 1st Annual Media Tapper Spirit of Google+ User Awards

UPDATE: after popular request, added category 'G+ Artist (non-photographer)'

With the upcoming anniversary of Google+ being released in Beta we at Media Tapper want to acknowledge that milestone with something special.

From June 18 through June 21, 2012 we will be taking your nominations (note: you can only nominate people at the comment section below this post, or at Nominations at other people's posts don't count, for the simple reason that we can't keep tabs on it) for the Google+ user you feel embodies the spirit of Google+ in the following categories:

#1  G+ Photographer: Under 50K followers
#2  G+ Photographer: Over 50K followers
#3  G+ Hangout User
#4  G+ Writer/Storyteller
#5  G+ Most Informed About Google+ (how to use it)
#6  G+ Most Helpful (non Google+ related)
#7  G+ User You’d Most Like To Meet IRL
#8  G+ User You’d Most Like To See as Google+ Spokesperson
#9  G+ Best Business Page 
#10 G+ Artist (non-photographer)

Write in your nominations in the comment section below or at the article at ( indicating which category that person is to be acknowledged for. You may simply use the number next to the category for identification purposes. Only one nomination per category please. If you nominate more than one per category only the first person in your list will be considered. You may nominate the same person in multiple categories if you so choose.

The top 10 nominees will then be put into a voting poll from June 23 through June 26 where you can come back and choose your favorite.

Nominations and voting end at Midnight U.S. ET (GMT -4:00) on their respective days.

On June 28, 2012 Media Tapper will announce the top three winners in each category and they will be given a special icon they can post to their online sites showing they emulate the Spirit of Google+.

Thank you for your participation and don’t forget to spread the word. When sharing this article please use the hashtag #mtawards so that we can all get the entire Google community involved. Let’s show the social media world that Google+ is the social community to join!

Graphics design courtesy of +Aaron Wood 
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