Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics! Sugar Addiction

This piece basically links Obesity to a Sugar Addiction. I wish it was that simple, but it isn't! I have lived with obesity all my life. My family was very poor when I was growing up. That means we had significant scarcity of almost everything. So many times you see people trying to link obesity to over eating. But I have spent my entire life eating as little as possible but still being obese.

For 6 months in my early 20s I had nothing but Slim Fast Shakes for breakfast lunch and dinner! Do you know I didn't loose any weight! Well that's not entirely true, I lost five pounds the first few weeks then I stopped loosing weight. Then I started going to the Gym about half way through the slim fast diet and work out for 2 hours every other day and 30 minutes to 1 hour of cardio the next day. Still I wasn't loosing weight. Sure I lost a few pounds but do the math I should have been loosing huge quantities of fat if you believe conventional wisdom.

Then I stopped drinking the Slim Fast Shakes and started just eating normal food again. I started loosing weight, granted I was spending over 15 hours in the Gym a week to sustain that weight loss. But I was loosing weight. I kept at it and lost about 60 pounds and was around 200 lbs. Which most thought I looked too skinny.

So I tried to go into maintenance. Dropped the gym down to 4-6 hours a week and left my diet the same. For a few months mostly I didn't see much fluctuation. Then about 4-6 months later I exploded. My diet didn't change, I was still going to the health club but I gained 100 lbs.

Right there most people assume I was binge eating, and lazy. Not true. My diet was the same as during the 15 hour+ gym weeks. My exercise was 4-6 hours a week but I was gaining weight anyway. I tried reducing my food consumption, I tried increasing my activity but nothing helped. By my mid 20s I was determined to get it off once and for all again. I was prescribed Phen phen and was working out heavily. I lost 20 lbs. But I felt the phen phen wasn't healthy so I stopped taking it. A few months later it was pulled from the market for causing heart attacks. The weight came back on, I even gained a few more pounds.

Then I hurt my leg on a Skiing trip in 2000 which reduced my activity a lot and pounds piled on. Right as my leg was getting stronger my scheduled surgery to repair happened except I was worse off than before the surgery and still do not have the strength in my knee that I had before the surgery. Some months passed and I finally was starting to walk somewhat normally and immediately went to the Gym because I had got up to 380 lbs and started working out again. I made some progress I was down about 30 pounds in late 2003. I flew to China and started studying Mandarin. In my first 6 months there I lost around 50 pounds.

No gym, no diet, no nothing. Just normal activity and eating a varied diet, consisting of too much Pizza Hut and KFC along with Chinese Food, and instant noodles. I lost 50 pounds eating JUNK FOOD!

I can't tell you why or how but I continued to loose weight, was down to 240 lbs. Flew back to America for a month in 2006 immidietly started gaining weight eating home cooked healthier foods. When I returned to China I expected it would come right off, it was only a few pounds. It didn't and I continued to gain weight back to around 330-350 lbs.

So Dear Reader I leave you with some observations. This piece will have sound bites clipped and be used against obese people as proof that it is Sugar. When I have avoided sugar as much as I can and have gained weight. I have ate sugar and lost weight. I fully believe there is a biological reason, and suspect that sugar/insulin plays a significant part. But I also believe that unnatural sugars like High Fructose Corn syrup play the biggest part in sugars cause of obesity. When I look back at my weight loss in China I note that in early 2004 through 2006 a major difference was there. Very little use of HFCS most use of sweeteners was with Cane Sugar. Then in 2006 many thing in China switched to HFCS. I gained weight but the rest of China started gaining as well. Reports of Childhood obesity started popping up in the news papers. Coincidence? Maybe, but I doubt it.

Today it is harder then ever to get away from HFCS. It is in everything. Pick up a package of meat and see if it doesn't list HFCS or a derivative. They inject the meat during packaging with salt, seasoning and HFCS! Packaged foods are full of it. About the only thing you can touch in a modern grocery that hasn't been pumped full of HFCS or Pink Slime is the vegetable section. But hidden dangers lurk there as well, toxins from pesticides, organic compounds derived from petrochemical fertilisers, and things like Genetically Modified Organisms. Welcome to the modern world, where they pump you full of nasties then condemn you for eating it.
Why Insulin Resistance Caused BY Sugar: Makes People OBESE

Humans rely on the hormone leptin to send signals to the brain to regulate what we eat; leptin tells your brain when you've had enough to eat.

It is very important that your brain is able to accurately “hear” the messages leptin sends it, as otherwise your brain thinks you’re starving and will continue to feel hungry; in recent years, many people have become unable to “hear” leptin’s message to stop eating because excess sugar calories are storied as leptin-releasing fat, and the resulting chronic elevation in leptin levels eventually lead to leptin resistance.

When you eat sugar it also triggers the production of your brain's natural opioids -- a key initiator of addiction..

Your brain essentially becomes addicted to the sugar induced opioid release, not entirely unlike addictions to morphine or heroin...

The abnormally high stimulation of your brain’s pleasure receptors by a sugar-rich diet generates excessive reward signals in your brain. These have the potential to override normal self control mechanisms, create tolerance and withdrawal symptoms, thus leading to addiction and overeating...

Limiting or eliminating your sugar intake is the most effective way to break free from this disease causing, overeating cycle...
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