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On an update roll today! mppp now supports converting SoundCloud files to mp3. Just pass a url to a song and it will be streamed in real-time.
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I brought it down, cannot afford to keep it up, unfortunately not enough supporters :(
I will support! I donated. Please, this saves my life for all the music I DJ with!
I do very much appreciate your support, and it is very kind of you to do so, but unfortunately it just isn't enough. It costs around $50 a month to maintain the servers that power mppp, and I was having great trouble raising a stable $5 / month.
Fuck. I have like 7 songs loaded up waiting to be downloaded from Soundcloud and Youtube. I would pay the $45, but I can't do it every month! Get this out to the public more! Social networking, my friends would donate. Don't bring it down!! :'( Do you know a site similar to this? I'm going to cry.
Is it nearly as good? I'll miss your site a LOT man. It was fantastic.
Wish I would've donated more but I didn't use it that often. Only for rare, hard to find stuff. If you ever bring it back up, let your Circles know, I'd be good with a monthly subscription fee!
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