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Hotels in Nigeria

So who is on Google Plus/

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I like the redesign

I still want a job at NASRDA

The solution to the state police argument: Let all states pay a state-allocated clean-cop bonus. Any policeman who is filmed breaking the law (bribes, etc) does not get this bonus. Bonus is decided by the state governments.

A rich man in Nigeria is more wealthy than his counterpart in Europe. The reason is that he pays much less taxes, and finances his infrastructure himself (electricity, water, security et al), and the cost is much smaller than his tax would be in Europe. He also has a cheaper staff pool to draw on. The only disadvantage he has are probably the bad roads, but with an appropriate car, even this is not that big of a problem.

Nigeria should have "fast track" courts for any crime that has video evidence. This will encourage people to film crimes with their cell-phones. It will also help against police brutality and lynch mobs.

Nigeria should put a tax on beer and cigarettes and allocate all the revenue generated in that manner towards fixing public hospitals. Beer should cost N400/bottle and cigarettes should be N500/pack

Nigeria should pay N1000 for everyone who gets HIV tested at designed centers. Up to N100 billion every 5 years
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