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I climbed a mountain, but you were still out of reach.

During the #Jarviewalk back in March, and on the advice of +Scott Jarvie, +Brian Bach Sørensen and myself decided to head out to Antelope Island State Park to try and catch some sunset shots over the Great Salt Lake. Mother Nature certainly didn't disappoint and put on a little show for us.

I'm keeping this one simple today so that I can catch up with all of the wonderful contributions so far to #ThirstyThursdayPics . And the day is still young here Stateside so keep them coming and you guys know the drill by now. Don't forget the hashtag and to tag the captain of this ship, +Giuseppe Basile! ;-)
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+Kerry Murphy He he, thanks so much! You can both hang out here for as long as you'd like. Plenty of space and scenery for everyone. ;-)
Beautiful. This seems to have some extra sharpness which I like. When I first looked at it, I thought it might be the D800, but I see it's the D3s. Great image!
Thank you +Richard Hawkins! Yup, my trusty D3s! He he. I'm glad to hear that it's resulting in something comparable to the D800. ;-P

+David Orr Thanks a lot! ;-)
Thanks so much +lynn langmade! Ooo, under water, I like that perspective! And I'm glad the color came out in this one. ;-)
Amazing sky, fantastic photo.
Haha I'm still surprised at how the hashtag #jarviewalk keeps on giving and giving.
Amazing seascape as usual!! I really envy you & the photographers are living in US. Because there are so many awesome seascapes in your country... :-)
Thank you +Sergey Sus! ;-)

+Scott Jarvie He he, it'll never end Scott! I'm sure there'll be more from others for the rest of the year. And some Japan photos are coming up soon. And thanks! ;-)

+Hidetaka Onoyama Thank you! You have some beautiful scenery out there too, but hey, you're always welcome to get on a plane and make a trip! I'd love to see how great your style makes our seascapes look! ;-)

Thanks a lot +Brian Bach Sørensen! It's a good thing those buffalo didn't come up there to bother us, otherwise I would have been gone like the wind. ;-P
+Mark Esguerra ha ha. Thank you, Mark san!! Now I have so many places I'd like to go! I have decided to visit US, I will tell you soon!! :-)
Yeah beautiful! Really like how you treated the colors here! :))
Love this color scheme Mark!
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