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"You say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." - John Lennon

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this is some serious hills you have there Mark, where I live, the whole country is flat as a pan cake :) great shot as always!
...I hope some day you'll join us... and the world will be as one. ~ John Lennon (but I hear APC for some reason...)

anyway... lovely shot. Thank you for sharing
beautiful light... love those drama of the clouds up above...
Imagine there's no heaven...
Love the subdued lights, Mark!
A perfect looking day! Beautiful..
Beautiful landscape...and I love that song....
I guess this place is not so special. But you made this scene really special!! :-)
Want to lay in the grass and have some "wonderfully wasteful moments"! Looking at the clouds. When was the last time anyone did that?
+nelson hernandez Thank you! ;-)

+Harry Parry Thanks a lot! At this moment I only have $1 in my wallet. he he. ;-P

+Ralph Mendoza Thank you! ;-)

Thank you +Lars Clausen! Yes I'm very fortunate to be so close to such mountains and hills here. And now that it's getting warmer, I'll be taking more walks up here again. ;-)

+veritas Wagner Yes, sing it loud and proud. he he. Thank you! ;-)

+Aileen Sorenson Thanks a lot! Whenever I see clouds, I can't resist getting out for shoot! ;-)

+Shelly Gunderson Thank you! I appreciate it! ;-)

Thanks a lot +Carol Bay! ;-)

Thank you +Shawn McClure! ;-)

+Takahiro Yamamoto Thank you! Yes they certainly do. Unfortunately I had to send the fisheye back yesterday so my shots from that lens are limited from here on. he he. ;-P

+Kerry Murphy Thank you! Yes it certainly was. I nice warm day with a gentle breeze. I stayed up there for a few hours just to enjoy the day. ;-)

+Milena Ilieva Thanks a lot! And that song truly is timeless. ;-)

Thank you +Hidetaka Onoyama! I think Mother Nature had a hand in this also. he he. ;-)

Thank you +Yves Mia! I haven't laid in the grass, but does sitting count? he he. It's hard to resist staying up there for hours on end. ;-)
Mark...At this moment I only have $1 in my wallet. he he. ;-P
I say,
If you have no money and no where to be,
take off your watch and let time pass.
Look around and let the world be.
Then take a load off and sit on your...grass.
I never claimed to be a poet.
+Harry Parry He he, I'll definitely give it some thought. Thanks! ;-)

+Yves Mia You may not claim to be a poet but you write like one. Thank you for that. ;-)
Oh, a swirl dream... looks like the grasses are sucking into it. Very interesting shot. Still got the fisheye? :D
It's great fun using it, right? :D Buy one then!! :))
+Mark Esguerra I think you are right, too pricey for a fun lens that won't be used on a daily basis. Heard that the Tokina Fisheye zoom is quite good?
+Benedict Chui Yeah exactly. I feel like if I buy it it'll just stay in the camera bag more often than not. Hmm, the Tokina you say? I really love their wide angle so I'll have to give their fisheye a try next.
Yeah... post some "test" shots afterwards, hehe.. :D
I really like your photos mark I enjoy a lot tanks for them
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