The only thing that could ease his broken heart was knowing that there would be a new day, with renewed hope.

I've been disconnected over the last few days. Though I was able to jump online for a bit yesterday and this morning, I'm afraid I still won't be up to full speed for at least the rest of the week. I'll try to get my +1's and comments in when I can, but, you know how it is sometimes. I also want to thank those of you who have commented on other posts and mentioned me. I apologize for not replying right away but hopefully I'll try to play catch up once things settle down for me.

Anyways, I at least wanted to sneak in here and get my contribution in for #ThirstyThursdayPics . Don't forget to use the hashtag and to tag our skipper, +Giuseppe Basile. Again I apologize if I don't get to your contribution, but at least the captain is at the helm steering the ship straight. 

#ThirstyThursdayPics   #Jarviewalk   #LongExposureThursday  
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