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So, as if I didn't have any more reasons to keep me from logging in to social networking, I started playing Destiny for the PS3 last week. And I won't lie, I've been playing a lot. In between workouts, eating and working on some projects, it's all been Destiny. The last time I had so much fun with a game was back in college. 

So in the spirit of flying through space, exploring the universe and the servers being down for maintenance, I'm signed in here to share today's blog post. Which has nothing to do with Destiny, but my image shows off interesting landscapes with stars in the sky. So close enough. 

P.S. if anyone out there plays on the PS3 and you want to get together for a raid or strike, let me know and we'll swap gamertags. I'm a level 30 Warlock if that matters. ;-)
Walking under the stars in Joshua Tree, CA.
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Wow that game must be intense +Mark Esguerra ! :) Althpugh my break was even longer ;)
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Mark Esguerra

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There are times when I’m out in the middle of nature when I feel like a treasure hunter of sorts. Even if that treasure is hidden in plain sight, it's still fun to come across Mother Nature's little gems. ;-)
Flowers hidden in plain sight in the middle of Kennedy Meadows near Mojave, CA.
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Mark Esguerra

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Here's to another day of having my head in the clouds. He he. 
High above clouds that resemble a bed of dreams leaving Los Angeles, CA.
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Float, float on...
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Mark Esguerra

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Seeing double isn't necessarily a bad thing. Or at least in the case of a reflection shot, right? He he.

Double vision of the interior of the Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo, Japan.
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Wow, so I just got off work and was about to cast something and on the screen saver was a pic you shot here. I had to find out where this was. Beautiful architecture and great shot!
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Mark Esguerra

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It's always nice to have a little bit of shade. Especially in the blazing heat of the Summer. He he.
Some nice shade at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, CA.
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He he, I had a cool breeze under this tree +Pamela Jackson. ;-P Thank you!
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Mark Esguerra

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A crack in the road isn't enough to stop me from getting to some awesome scenery. And I'm sure many of you feel the same way. He he.
The road leading past a crack into the Whitney Portal in the Easter Sierra Nevada, CA.
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He he, one of those +Gregg Taylor. Thank you!
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Mark Esguerra

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Because what else does one do with a bunny and some M&M's? ;-P
A bunny enjoying a bowl of M&M's in Long Beach, CA.
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Thanks a lot +Leyla A. Roberson! I haven't purchased any myself, but there's always plenty of candy at my brothers place. He he.

Thanks a lot +Elizabeth Hahn! I appreciate it!

+Karin Nelson When it comes to chocolate, I don't think Easter can come some enough. Then again, there's no bad time for chocolate. He he.
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Mark Esguerra

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It's another day with Indonesia on my mind, so I thought I'd post this slice of life image from my last visit there. 
A couple of commuters riding through a small neighborhood in Bandung, Indonesia.
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Mark Esguerra

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The Milky Way. 'Nuff said. ;-)
Experiencing Life At Its Fullest at Fossil Falls in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, CA.
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Amazing, Luv it!!
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Mark Esguerra

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Sometimes looking out the window is good enough. Especially while you're eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. ;-P
A view of the sunset from my patio walkway in Glendale, CA.
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+Leyla A. Roberson Thanks a lot!
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Mark Esguerra

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There's nothing like getting to witness the stars just as they start to spin. Well, at least I think so. He he.
The stars just starting to spin in the skies above Joshua Tree, CA.
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Thanks a lot +Tarmata Naku!
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Mark Esguerra

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Here's one way to fly by the moon. He he.
A plane takes flight by the crescent moon above Los Angeles, CA.
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Thanks a lot +Susana ELISA muñoz!

Nope, I wasn't on a plane for this one +Leyla A. Roberson. He he. Thank you!
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