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Great group of photographers! If you don't have these folks circled, check out their streams and add them to keep up with their work!
Our Favorite Photographers in Japan Ver. 2.0
私たちのお気に入り、日本の写真家 Ver. 2.0

昨年6月に完成した「私達のお気に入り、日本の写真家 Ver. 1.0」サークルから10カ月、やっとVer. 2.0が完成しましたので、みなさんとシェアいたします。メンバーを皆さんのサークルに追加して、たくさんの素敵な写真を楽しんでいただけたらと思います。このサークルが素敵!と思った方は、再共有してお友だちに教えてあげてください!

About 10 months after I shared Our Favorite Photographers in Japan Ver. 1.0 circle, its version 2.0 is finally completed. Add the member to your circle and enjoy wonderful photos from Japan! If you like this circle, feel free to share with your friends!

Ver. 2.0の作成手順

1.昨年6月に作成したVer. 1.0のメンバーが「お気に入り写真家」3名までを投票。

How I created Ver. 2.0

1. The members in the version 1.0 circle recommended up to three photographers in Japan they liked.
2. I selected those whose posts are mainly "photos" and who are active now.
3. Those who have put me in their circles recommended up to three photograhers.
4. I selected and added more photographers based on 2.
5. If you re-shared the circle with your friends, we would be so happy ;)

#CoolJapan #DefinitelyCoolJapan
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Mark Esguerra

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"You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need." -Rolling Stones

With some time sitting on a train I thought I'd take this time and process one of the shots I took a couple of days ago at Nakameguro. I started the day by meeting with my dear friend @Yumi Shoji a +Yumi Shoji r kawaii baby daughter. After some breakfast and giving the sun some time to warm up the weather a bit we decided to head over to Nakameguro to see if we could catch some of the Sakura in bloom. I'm in town at the tail end of the Hanami in Tokyo, but there are still some decent bloom around town so we hoped to catch some hanging along the river. Much to our delight we found that there were plenty of cherry blossoms to enjoy. Some branches were already bare but there was still enough to paint the scene in its beautiful Spring color.

As a bonus, the sun warmed up the scene and a gentle breeze was blowing through the area creating a nice, subtle Sakura Fubuki, aka cherry blossom blizzard. The soft pink petals rained through the scene quite beautifully. So beautifully in fact that Yumi's daughter decided to go to sleep and dream about it. Or at least that's what I like to think. He he. It was such an enjoyable scene that to be quite honest I wouldn't feel bad if I missed out on more Sakura for the rest of the trip. You see, I had intended to chase the Sakura to the North or wherever it was a bit cooler in the event that I missed out on full bloom in Tokyo. And while it would be great to see it still, I won't feel bad if I don't because yesterday was a great reminder that all I need is to hang with good friends, have some good weather, and enjoy the rest and relaxation.

I shot this scene with the @Sony #A7R pa +Sony with the FE 24-70mm f/4 lens. I shot it RAW + JPEG so that I could transfer a full res JPEG to my iPad for processing. I was going to run this image through Snapseed but I caught word that the Lightroom iPad app had been released so I downloaded the app and that's how I processed this shot. It looks fine on the tablet but I'll have to compare it to when I see it on a computer screen back in LA. Also it seems that though I can work with a full res JPEG, saving it to my phone memory only outputs a smaller size image. Not sure but maybe one of you out there can tell me if the long side of this image is over 6000 pixels or not.

I'm almost at my stop now so I'll be headed back out to disconnect, grab some food and enjoy the Spring air.

じゃね for now. 
Ralph Mendoza's profile photoRuth Virginia McComins's profile photoPJ Evans's profile photoRicardo Zamora's profile photo
Thanks so much +Yumi Shoji! I'm happy that I was able to take you out on an adventure there! The stroller just needs a wheel tuneup and I'm sure it'll be a lot better. Ha ha ha. By the time I see you and the little one again, you'll be using the better one! ;-P

Thanks a lot +Ralph Mendoza!

+buda buda Thank you!

Thank you +Carl Felton III! I appreciate that!
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No matter how rocky a path one follows, there should be comfort in knowing that a warm dream is waiting.

Shot with a +Sony  #A7R  paired with a Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 UWA lens.

You can read more about this on my blog:

BTP Landscape Pro's profile photoJohan Peijnenburg's profile photoMark Esguerra's profile photoShelly Gunderson's profile photo
Thanks a lot +Johan Peijnenburg! Yes it sure was. It's a small spot compared to others in California, but I think you'd love shooting this scene!
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"Down by the sea, I found your hidden treasure. Just you and me, We overdosed on pleasure." -Men at Work

Welcome one and all to another #ThirstyThursdayPics ! With the Spring leading us deeper into warmer waters I'm really looking forward to seeing the stream flow nice and smooth. The contributions so far have been fun and nothing short of outstanding. So to take a swim, get your contributions in and don't forget to use the hashtag and to tag +Giuseppe Basile! Even without a contribution, click on the hashtag to enjoy a swim anyways! 

This was shot with a +Sony  #A7R  paired with a Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 UWA lens. 

To read more about my shot:
Sina Fdz's profile photoMikko Tyllinen's profile photoMark Esguerra's profile photo
+Mikko Tyllinen Thank you! The California coast rarely disappoints. He he.
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As she left, I could do nothing but watch her fade in the distance like a ghost from my past.

Shot with the +Sony  #A7R  paired with an FE 35mm f/2.8 ZA Lens.

To read more about this shot, you can check out my blog:

Gadelove Gade's profile photoRichard Saasta's profile photoBoris Jaroscak's profile photoMark Esguerra's profile photo
+Richard Saasta No problem. I hope you get some fun results!
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Mark Esguerra

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People will come and go. But the time I've spent with them will always remain with me.

With my Spring run in Japan coming to an end, I've realized that I haven't done what I had originally planned. I had originally planned to leave Tokyo for several days on this trip. To maybe chase the Sakura up North. Or head South-West to shoot Mount Fuji. A trip focused on photography, basically. But once I stepped foot on Japanese soil all those plans were pushed to the side.

And it was just fine by me.

It was just fine with me because once I arrived in Tokyo all I wanted to do was hang with my friends. I didn't care where. I just wanted to hangout. I wanted to reconnect with old friends. I wanted to meet new friends. Photography became an afterthought. If I got a shot in, bonus. If not, then no biggie. Because the time I managed to spend with my friends was exactly what I needed on this trip. Fun, relaxing, good times in all the usual haunts.

And getting to play with my new baby niece was especially great. ;-)

And as far as photography, I got my shots in. And like the King of Daiba always says to me, "So, see you back here in a few weeks."

So to my friends, じゃね and I'll see you next time. To the folks I didn't have a chance to meet up with this time, I'll catch you when I'm back in town.

And for anyone interested in some technical info, I shot this with the Sony A7R, then processed it using the iPad Lightroom app. 
Albert Gordon's profile photoMark P's profile photoBrian Kemper's profile photoMark Esguerra's profile photo
Yeah fun times +Brian Kemper! Cold times, but fun. He he. And yes, see you in a few weeks! He he.

Hey +NiNi Y! The pleasure was all mine! It was great to meet you and shoot around. We'll have to shoot again when I'm back in town, which according to Brian, will be in a few weeks. He he.

Thanks so much +Yumi Shoji! Yeah I was on the plane and knocked out! I only woke up when it was meal time. He he. I was happy to get you and the little one out on some adventures around town! Next time we'll try taking her further outside of Saitama! Honto! ;-)

Yes, well said +Albert Gordon! You can never underestimate the company of good people and friends. Thank you!
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The memories of her touch will always be cherished. But it's the memories to come that I'm focused on.

You know, as often as I travel to Japan, it’s actually been a couple of years since I’ve been there for the Hanami, when the Sakura are in their peak at full bloom. The last couple of trips I’ve only managed to get there a little too late or a little too early. So with many of my friends enjoying full bloom I thought I’d dig through my archives for an unprocessed photo of the last time I was there for full bloom. And I wasn’t surprised to find myself processing a photo from one of my favorite Sakura viewing spots in Nakameguro. The cherry blossom trees hang so perfectly above the passing river and at night they seem to come even more alive with the lit lanterns along either side, reflecting off of the river bed below. It’s a great sight and no matter how many times I see the Sakura, I’ll never forget each and every view I’ve been lucky to see.

But it also had me thinking that I should really get some fresh Sakura photos and I can only think of one way to make that happen. ;-)

From my blog:
Ralph Mendoza's profile photoJohan Peijnenburg's profile photoMark Esguerra's profile photoShelly Gunderson's profile photo
Thanks so much +Yumi Shoji! I hope that you enjoyed your adventure in Nakameguro. Even though the little one was asleep, I like to think she had sweet dreams about it! ;-)

Thanks a lot +Girolamo Cracchiolo! I appreciate it!

+John Webber II Thank you! I'm glad you think so!

+Johan Peijnenburg Thank you my friend! You should get out there one Spring and witness the bloom!

Thanks a lot +Ralph Mendoza! There's nothing like it! You should visit there too!
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When you see nothing but lights ahead of you, you'll know that you're headed in the right direction.

If there’s one thing that I can say about the streets of Tokyo, it’s that there’s no shortage of anything interesting to shoot. From the attractive architecture, to the bright lights and the neon signs, and of course the people walking by. And it’s not uncommon to have all of these elements together in one scene such as this one in the Shibuya District. Granted, it’s not the busiest of streets in terms of foot traffic, but when my good friend +Takahiro Yamamoto pointed it out to me, it caught my complete interest. My trusty fish-eye lens worked well for me here because I was able to capture most of the towering buildings on either side of the street. I also loved how these bright street lamps led my eye off into the distant cluster of lights and signs. This is one shot that I love because of how many interesting elements I was able to shoot on this night. Of course, it also helps that it’s a scene from my home away from home. 

From my blog:

Yumi Shoji's profile photoRalph Mendoza's profile photoTakahiro Yamamoto's profile photoMark Esguerra's profile photo
Thanks a lot +Ralph Mendoza!
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Even the cold from within yearned and reached up for her warming light.

From my blog:

Karl Hansen's profile photoKaterina Brosda's profile photoViraj Gandhi's profile photoMark Esguerra's profile photo
Thanks a lot +Mikko Tyllinen!
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"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads." -Henry David Thoreau

During my last shoot in Joshua Tree National Park, I decided to setup my D3S for a star stacking session. There is a constant stream of airplanes that pass high above Joshua Tree so I figured star stacking would be a good way to get my star trails while also giving me the option to remove any frames that had unwanted airplane trails in post. So I set my tripod down low, composed my shot, got my settings locked in and I let her rip. While the D3S was going I ventured off into the darkness with my pals +Scott Jarvie and +Scott Sugawara to shoot some other interesting trees. After a few hours of shooting in the darkness it dawned on us that with the incredible clouds that had come into the scene that I my star trails would be a wash. But I did have myself a nice group of photos for a timelapse. A short timelapse, but a timelapse nonetheless. Star trails or not, the scene was quite magnificent so I decided to pull one of the images from that stack of images and process it normally.

Timelapse to come later on............ if I remember to work on it. He he.

Read more about this shot at:

Yumi Shoji's profile photoGiovanni Piliarvu's profile photoIan Grainger's profile photoMark Esguerra's profile photo
Thanks so much +Yumi Shoji! I'll definitely let you know when it's ready. But maybe there will be timelapses of your little one ready for viewing first! He he. ;-)
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After hearing so many positive reviews about CyberpowerPC, I finally decided to give them a try when it came time to purchase my new laptop. The experience has been nothing short of incredible. The site was easy to navigate and I was able to customize my laptop of choice with the parts I wanted (within their options for the model). I was able to choose the parts that I deemed important, graphics card, primary/secondary HDD, RAM, and even the OS. One great thing as well was their low cost when compared to the competition. The system they built for me is just as powerful, if not more so than others in the same class, but the cost was much lower. More bang for your buck as the saying goes. Once I placed the order, their customer service took over and was truly impressive. I received emails every single step of the way, from confirmation of order, to the build in progress, to quality control, and finally to your order has shipped. This may sound simple enough, but not many companies follow up this often on a one to one basis, and I found this to be a great benefit. And when I did have questions, they were immediately available over the phone and replied to emails almost immediately. And now that I have the laptop, I can honestly say that it rounds out a perfect customer experience. The laptop runs great, and for what is under the hood, it stays impressively cool. And there was no bloatware. They only installed the OS and what was essential such as drivers and basic user settings. I was able to use it right out of the box without issue. I would highly recommend CyberpowerPC to anybody looking for a powerful laptop whether it's for photo processing, video editing, or hardcore gaming. I'll definitely turn to them again for my computer purchase.
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