Cold Desking

Trying out a new way of working, for me at least.

Like a lot of people, I work in a shared office. When all 4 of us are in, it starts to feel a little cramped.

I'm privileged though to work on a University Campus, with great wireless and numerous power sockets/ work benches in the cafe areas. My data's on Dropbox and Google drive. I work off a laptop, and my smartphone connects me to my colleagues emails.

I realised I could, with little trouble, become a mobile asset...leaving my desk to cool down.

So, today I took myself, laptop and smartphone to few locations around campus. I've found the background public noise, large open spaces and freedom to move around has really sparked my creativity. It's forced me to focus on tasks, complete them and move forward.

As an unexpected side effect, it's made me aware again of the breadth and sheer volume of activities that go on here. I'm sat now surrounded by computer animation students discussing marks and projects, normally I'd have no idea about any of this.

So, a success for today at least. But probably due to the amount of coffee I've had access to...
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