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Amazon reviews can be one of the funniest places on the internet.
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a pen 
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This must have taken a long time to set-up, very impressive.
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Free copy of the latest Coldplay album anyone?
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Mark Dodsworth

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Mark Dodsworth

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I think I'd just hold it in.
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Driving would be so much more enjoyable if all traffic lights were like this.
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Mark Dodsworth

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This is how all computers should be, can't recommend Chromebooks enough.
A New Chromebook

I’m bored. My wife’s new Chromebook arrived today and I was psyched to set it up for her. I’m the guy who does that stuff around our house. Her Samsung Chromebook’s screen had gone bad on her, working only when she positioned the hinge just right, and I had ordered the new Toshiba Chromebook 2 with the HD screen and 4GB of RAM. I let her unbox it and reminded her what our wifi password is. She typed in her Gmail address and password, and that was pretty much it. 

“Is that it?” she asked. 

“That’s pretty much it,” I said. 

The only tinkering I got to do was to put it on the Beta channel and switch the screen viewing ration to 1:3 so that the clock and icons on the shelf were more readable. This took all of one minute. 
Now she has a working computer and I’m bored. 

Windows 10 came out today, Microsoft taking the bold step of skipping over the odd-numbered releases despite those being the only ones that have ever worked well and diving into the darkness of the even numbers. I remember getting new Windows machines. With those I knew that I had a good couple hours of removing bloatware, installing software, updating anti-virus, and so on. Microsoft knows how to make for a fun first day with a new computer. 

These Google guys have it all wrong. Five minutes. Hell, not even five, and the machine is up and running, ready to do whatever she wants to do with it. 

“This is great,” she said. 

“Yeah,” I said, my head shaking, my voice falling. “It’s great.” 

I’m bored. There’s just nothing to do. So I pull out my Chromebook Pixel, open the lid, watch it boot automatically, log on, and in a few seconds I’m ready to write a short post about how bored I am with these damn Chromebooks. Almost bored enough to get a Windows machine again. Or a Mac. But no. I’m bored, but I’m not crazy. 
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I'm waiting for the next generation of them so I can get a decent screen + CPU on one :-p
I'm a bit disappointed at the lack of 1920x1080 screens at the moment. I've only seen a couple with 1920x1080 screen res and they aren't on the Intel processors ,which is ideally what I want.
Still, come Christmas I'll be rocking the Chromebook! No need for a Windows machine anymore when it comes to my laptop. I need to code and browse the internet. Done.
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Have him in circles
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Mark Dodsworth

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Hhhmm, who can I send this too?
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Mark Dodsworth

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What a great idea and a great guy.

Mason Wartman
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That's a wonderful idea,shame people don't think like that here! 
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Mark Dodsworth

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What a shame,
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This is a big reason for people not using Chromebooks gone, so now you will be able to use Microsoft Office, Skype and Photoshop on a cheap, fast, secure Chromebook. Why would you ever use Windows again?
Oh my god this is the #1 thing I've wanted on Chromebooks forever. I could finally use one as a main work laptop. I can't wait to try this.
It's just a beta for now; open only to U.S.-based education customers.
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Mark Dodsworth

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How tasty does this look, I want one and I'm not sharing.
Pepperoni Pizza Cake is dangerously easy to make...
Even if you made your own pizza dough — rather than using Pillsbury's refrigerated pizza dough— the recipe for Pepperoni Pizza Cake still looks pretty darn simple...

More details:

Image via Pillsbury.
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+Mark Dodsworth I like cheese very much - and pizza too.And then there is this - a heart-attack pizza-pie.  Like those super-duper-burgers that are best avoided. Reminds me of this:
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I'm a massive fan of new technology and gadgets. I'm a big supporter of Google and ALL their products.
Currently working as a security officer for G4S, live in Nottingham, England and always have.
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Three beautiful children aged 11, 8 & 0.
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Used to be good but have gotten sloppy, had reheated food delivered and the actual quality isn't as good as in the past. Can be abit hit and miss for how good you're dinner will be.
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Would Highly recommend this pub to all, best pub by far in long Eaton.
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Highly recommended, great cheap way to entertain the kids.
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6 reviews
Now closed down :-(
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