Unsurprisingly, I've been flooded with responses to my post on Tuesday. My apologies if I haven't been able to get back to you or if you feel like my response in a public thread was inadequate. This is a long conversation, and I'm committed to seeing it through to the end.

A few specific notes for now:

- I'm listening intently to the feedback, and I'm thinking hard about where I've let folks down in my post. To those who have been harmed by what I said: I'm sorry. I clearly got some things wrong here.

- There is a wild rumor going around that I'm about to announce a project with Zak. This rumor is totally false. I am not working with Zak and my post is not at all designed to bring attention to Magpie's products.

- After listening for the past few days, I’ve got more to say that I hope clarifies my intent, addresses my mistakes, and expands on a few elements that deserve more attention. I’ll post a longer followup soon.

Thank you!
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