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Mark Delsing
Roleplaying games, SF and fantasy, comics, design, Apple, feminism and social justice, film critique, guitars, fatherhood.
Roleplaying games, SF and fantasy, comics, design, Apple, feminism and social justice, film critique, guitars, fatherhood.


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I've just hit season 2 of my Star Trek TOS rewatch, and I'm finding the forced insertion of Chekov and his Beatles-via-Davy-Jones wig extremely jarring.

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Internets! Anyone have experience using either of these services for online gaming?


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Caleb’s not going to do his homework at that stupid desk; on some level, we all know that. But the dream of a boy sitting happily in his mother’s kitchen, filling out his worksheets while she sips a big bubble glass of chilled Chardonnay and cooks — what? Quickie quesadillas? Three-step lasagna? — In her fantastically overbuilt kitchen is a powerful one, and for a few happy Act Three minutes, we dream that little dream, too.

This piece about flipper reality TV — which I’ve never really understood — is a great meditation on a lot of what’s wrong with America.

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I'm re-sharing this because I don't want to threadcrap in Rob's space.

It drives me nuts that people feel they still need to write advice like this, and I feel like whatever good there is in this article ignores a big blind spot possessed by the author about the fundamentally social nature of RPGs as an activity.

But, then I realize that there are whole swaths of the hobby that fundamentally function the same as they have since the '80s, and so I suppose this advice is maybe helpful to someone.

Granted, I have never been a fan of anything I've read on Mythcreants, so I should not be surprised by this.

Apologies: negative Mark is being negative.

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Listening to my own voice on a recording of last night's game, and whoo boy is it painful. I need to see a vocal coach.

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I played a fun, focused game of Champions 3rd Ed. with +MadJay Brown last night via Hangouts. I'm probably still in nostalgia-honeymoon phase, but dealing with the SPD chart and calculating OCV/DCV mods felt like putting on an old, well-worn, comfortable hoodie.

The basic set-up is supers-as-military in a world at war with an alien incursion. My mentalist led a squad of normal soldiers on a recon mission to a facility housing alien tech. We encountered a semi-desolid alien that was 50% immune to my PC's mind control, so she had to engage it with some of her martial arts training to give her squad time to evac some wounded survivors from a previous mission.

And I gotta say, as much as people fault HERO for sucking the fun out of supers by strictly codifying everything, I loved struggling with my character's limited fictional resources in order to solve the problems thrown at her. It may not properly emulate a lot of supers comics, but as a game in itself navigating the simulation was fun for me.

Thanks, Jay! Looking forward to more.

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Hot dang, but "The CIty on the Edge of Forever" is a great TOS episode. I mean, this is known, Khaleesi, but having just watched it again I feel compelled to reiterate.

Bonus points for finally sending Uhura on an away mission (at least I think it's her first), and for being one of the first American TV episodes to say "hell" as profanity. Also — as mentioned in that Kirk article that was making the rounds — Kirk's romance with Keeler is heartwrenching, evidence that he is not the womanizing stereotype the character has been twisted into.

Also, this is the first reference to Nazis in Trek, and boy did it feel weird in our current climate. I.e., how sad is it that we no longer live in a country, apparently, where you don't have to explain that Nazis are awful — you can just reference them and assume viewers will be horrified.

Anyway, the Wikipedia article on this episode is a good read, as the story of this episode's production is a doozy.

Hey +Google+ this thing in the iOS app now where I have to find a blank enough spot in a post to tap in order to view it (as opposed to tapping anywhere on the post) is super-annoying. Please fix it. Thanks!

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“The Alternative Factor” is a really messed-up — and poorly written — episode of TOS.

And where did the long hair and Afro come from? Time travel?
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