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Doggles: keeping your dog's eyes free from air born debris during car window sessions. #firstworldproblems  

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This past month, and for the remaining portion of this month, +Megan Wildhood and 6 other poets will be posting daily at the Tupelo Press website, as part of a fund raiser, for this indie press.  If you explore her writing I promise you an enjoyable, life-enriching experience.  Although, you may need to have a dictionary handy, to get the most out of the metaphors, thoughts, and imagery.  Enjoy!

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"you are the lightening of the earth / and the saltation of the world"

note: salt-at-ion: "The act of leaping, jumping, or dancing."

by +Megan Wildhood , as published in "Mom: An Ekphrasis" as part of the Tupelo 30:30 project, on May 10rd 2015 (day 10).

#poetry   #quote   #tupelopress3030  

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"but mind is rocked in the cradle of apophatic wholeness, / deep-unto-deep beyond our most gracious humility."

by +Megan Wildhood , as published in "Causemology" as part of the Tupelo 30:30 project, on May 3rd 2015 (day 3).

  #quote   #tupelopress3030   #poetry  

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Hi all,

For the past 10 days, and for the rest of the month, +Megan Wildhood  has been participating in a poem marathon - one poem a day, published online on this linked website, for this entire month.

The Tupelo Press is an established non-profit literary press that has asked it's marathoners to help raise money for the press, during this month.  I urge you to check out her poetry.  And if you're compelled by the beauty you find, help support the press in Megan's name (m.nicole.r.widlhood).


#tupelopress3030 #poetry #poetrymonth  #tupelopress

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#Seattle 's terminal 5 to be used as Shell Oil's home port of their Artic drilling fleet.  +Megan Wildhood muses poetically about the irony (and pain) of our "green" city compromising on it's pro-environment values, here.

#poetry   #poetryblogs   #enviorment  

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