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Fantastic Mark, have downloaded and shared with Alliance members and very much look forward to reading it and passing on the wisdom!
Thanks for sharing, Mark! Newbie's like me are gobbling up advice like yours. It is much appreciated. :D
HI Mark!
I was just reading your "The Secrets To Ebook Publishing Success" and when I read the part about typoes I had to laugh. The title that shows up on top of Okular (my PDF reader) and on the application tab is still "Seven Secrets...".
Thanks for all the good advice. I'll be publishing my trilogy of SciFi
novels via Smashwords later this summer.
Since I'm also planning on releasing them as audiobooks, can you recommend a site similar to smashwords that can sell my MP3 audiobooks?
E.C. "*Stan*" Field
Reality is the Illusion!
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