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Fed stink bomb going off in Oakland NOW! (live stream)
We can take our country back with the decisions we make daily
The tell-all defection of Greg Smith, a former Goldman Sachs executive, provided an insider’s view of the moral corruption of the Wall Street banks that control of much of America’s economy and politi...
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PV array installed atop Mt. Vernon City Hall. GO SOLAR!
tantalizing photos, amazing raw recipes abound at:
"I salute you, Propagandists-In-Chief!"
A truly fitting metaphor for these "rule by corporatocracy" times
for you T.M., and all who have suffered in kind
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I structurally assist to make the home you own into "Your Own Castle"
  • Mark A Codispoti, P.E.
    Pro Engineer, 1988 - present
    Structural design engineering professional specializing in helping homeowners transform their abodes, among other varied projects and for the last 35 years.
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Carved 100 mile day 1 of STP (not that anyone knows what the hell that means)
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Alaskan group offers reward for proof regarding anti-pot claims

A pro-legalization group in Alaska is challenging anti-pot groups to prove that alcohol is less dangerous than marijuana. Many of the people


This is how you make safer shirts here is step one check it out Here is part two check it out Here is part three check it out Here is part f

Safer Chart requests per state

We have close to 400 people willing to wear a safer shirt in public. This is a great chance to inform new people about the relative safety o

450 Safer People

There are at least 450 Safer People around the world. There has to be way more than that because I started giving out +Safer Shirts before I


A facebook friend was telling a story about why they firmly believe that marijuana is safer than alcohol on Facebook. I thought I would type

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Marijuana is safer shirt at the methadone clinic

One of my Facebook friends wrote this recently: talk about freedom I got my beautiful safer shirt and am wearing. proudly. well I go to a me

New Safer Cup interested tab

This event is still in the design phase. I need to find a big empty building, some musicians, some farmers, etc. This event will attempt to

Dropping envelopes in a blue box

This is a video of me dropping envelopes in a blue box. There are some +Safer Shirts in there. I hope they help the people who receive them

Cutting stencil one handed while holding a camera

I'm trying to cut a stencil one handed while holding the camera, it didn't work out very well. I guess I better put the camera down and get

Medical use causes mom to lose newborn

I got my marijuana card in may 2013 I had my daughter july 15th 2013 the day I was discharged I was told I couldn't take lynnzee home with m

July LSM Recap

Yo Double Dub checking in! There's been a disturbance in the Force. Our Community has taken another hit. It seems as our arms are now shorte

Last "L" in a Safer Stencil

I'm cutting the last "L" out of this stencil. I created a file in Openoffice Writer. I used FontWork and typed one word first row, two words

Child taken from parents who use marijuana is killed by foster parent

Original Article Here They took a child away because of marijuana, and put her in foster care. While the child was in foster care, she was a

josh cannabis sativa's story

By Josh Cannabis Sativa I strongly believe the neuroprotective properties of cannabinoids are why I'm alive today after being beaten into a

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Safer Shirts

I buy shirts from Goodwill, paint on them using stencils, and give them away for free.

'House of Cards' political drama from Netflix, starring Kevin Spacey, is...

'House of Cards' political drama from Netflix, starring Kevin Spacey, is an instant hit

White People, You Will Never Look Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin

I will never look suspicious to you. Even if I have a black hoodie, a pair of jeans and white sneakers fact, that is what I wore ye

The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing - Frank Zappa

Copyright Statement: All music owned by Frank Zappa and The Zappa Family Trust. I do not own this music AT ALL. Frank would have wanted more

Went for basic repair. Left SMH. Have to assume the language I spoke a foreign tongue so cut my losses and bagged it. Won't be going back for my brand new ride come Spring. Oh well. Under the guise of "process of elimination," this peculiarly awkward customer service encounter a worthy endeavor regardless.
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The definition of the gentleman proprietor, love to visit and dawdle at Drastic Plastic
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Menu board decrepit old school plastic board with peg letters. Interior clean but not altogether modern or welcoming. Burger decent. Produce fresh but extremely bland & generic with iceberg lettuce and beefsteak tom. Other clientele did not strike me as "food discerning". Found getting 98¢ counted out in change, for a $10 meal, very telling (when combined with my other comments) re: the priorities of this establishment. Filled a pressing need to eat. Many other joints nearby to still try.
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arrived with clerk in socks, feet up on counter, seemed bothered to have to interact. low balled price & fudged weight. just kept ring instead. waste of my time to deal with this condescending individual. will not cross that threshold again.
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Food always excellent. Service consistently weirdly strained. Am I an imposition? Unfortunate impasse to tasty treats. Will not be returning myself. Would let someone fetch for me.
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