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Financial Analyst; Gamer

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My friends and I started our first campaign of GSS last night! It was so much fun, we started with the Fox and Shrine story and the characters have decided that they are going to convince the town to hold a festival and come back to the shrine! I think we'll have stories for a long time just based off of that.

I was rifling through my con materials and want to get some help with a game in playtest. It's my love letter to Hellboy, and I'm looking for people with an eye towards game aids, sheet design, and complicated dice mechanics.

If you're interested, please let me know what times you're available!

Has anyone played Monsterhearts: Academy by +Dirk Detweiler Leichty? I just found it and it has some great ideas in it.

Based on a podcast I heard recently, I'm considering mirroring the PbtA concept of Harm as Established with Strings. That is, whenever you've demonstrated that you've got an emotional hold or power over someone, you get a String.


I heard some people talking about Compleat Strategist in Falls Church, and I have a friend who couldn't make it to this Nerdly who would love to know more details about when to go for gaming fun.

Can anyone help?

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Are the lodgings on the wiki for this year? Or are they left over from last year?

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For my fellow wrestlers ....

I've posted my games. Can't wait to see everyone!

Hellboy and the AntiChrist Engines
Fantasy Game Mashup

Both are systems I've written/mashed up and have proven successful in playtest. Join me for the fun!

I'm also running a game of Hope Inhumanity at midnight Saturday.

I'm working on a game for a local gameday and am going to use Anima Prime to run a Hellboy game. I'm changing a few things, and I'll let you know how it goes!

Any advice you can give is good. I'll definitely be using your "errata". I'm looking to make combat a little bloodier, though. Lives on the line and all that.

Does anyone know Dylan Green (Jackhalfaprayer)? I have a question about a Dungeon Starter called Dying Garden that lists Dylan as the author.
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