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I need someone's help, I have a spanish friend who has a Samsung Galaxy S2 GT19100 Andorid 4.12 19100XXL58 but accidently deleted his Google Play Store APP, problem is he can't get it back. Any advice on what he can do other than restoring his settings, cheers
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Its disabled, re enable it.

Settings >> apps>> all >> scroll to the bottom and see if Google play store is there
U can flash ur s2 rom through kies...or install custom roms... its simple :)
I ll send u complete info about custom roms and recovery if u want
I don't think it's possible to uninstall the Play Store. Check the app settings first as +Mike Corbett suggested.

If it was truly uninstalled, resetting the phone would not bring it back. In that case side you could probably side-load the apk as +Triana Sheard suggested, but I don't think it's possible to uninstall system apps.
Roms meanz android software i:e jelly bean 4.1.2 or ics 4.0.4 android is open source u can flash non official roms also 4.2jb also avail.for s2..
Tick mark on unknown resources located in setting> security. Then tick on unknowkn resources and then install play.apk
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