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Anyone know if there's a new hot color this season?
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I was lining up the shot if the 2 in front when all of a sudden the third pinko walked into the scene. 
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Top 10 Ways Going to Church Imitates Baseball

10. Sometimes you stand and sing, other times you sit.
9. It can go into extra innings.
8. Hard to follow without a program.
7. Organ music.
6. Uncomfortable seats.
5. Sometimes you spend more than you want to.
4. Gotta know how to read the signs.
3. Long line for alcohol.
2. You’re preparing for post-season play.

And the number 1 way going to church imitates baseball…

1. Ultimately, if you screw up, you get sent down.

(My wife, sister-in-law and I created this in the early '90s for a friend who was a baseball fan and was entering the church. I was his RCIA sponsor. Since the Church and baseball both move slowly, this list still holds up.)
#openingday #mlb #baseball
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Thanks, +Heather Margret!
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Mark Alves

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Google really, really wants me to say Happy Birthday to +Bill Slawski, maybe even twice. So, happy happy birthday birthday, Bill!

And you, too, Nicholas.
Happy Birthday Bill Slawski
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I wonder whether there is a Google patent for this already. Happy happy birthday birthday +Bill Slawski.
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Mark Alves

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Today's Palindrome:
The Temperature

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Mark Alves

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Getting 3 generations of my wife's family together. Kids are pretty excited to be here. Ahem. 
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Mark Alves

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My son is such a celebrity that the paparazzi pick him over David Hasselhoff. Tonight he (Henry) read his award winning poem and the local public access TV station recorded it.

The Dark Side of the Moon
or the United States

Everyone is equal.
But everyone is different.
We classify people by their many characteristics.
Including the color of their skin and their cultural background.

Are people from other countries, less- human than others?
Is there a reason why we consider them different?
Is it because they have a tougher task than others?
Maybe, we should think of it that way.

But if you feel this way...
Did you hit a brick wall?
Or did you stop running?

Did you ask for help?
Or are you sulking in the corner of an empty room.

If we are truly,
the United States of America,
shouldn’t we be united?

Shouldn’t we be supportive of each other?
Don’t we all want to be successful?
Or do we want others of different skin colors to fail?

Does working at McDonalds represent a hispanic person?
Or does it represent how we haven’t given them much of a chance?
People who came from other countries may not be stupid,
but perhaps we are,
because we haven’t found their true potential.

So look at the person next to you.
Treat them like a family member.
Because if others won’t
we have to unite the United States of America.
If Martin Luther King had a dream,
it would be very rude to wake him up.
Instead, let’s live the dream.
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O so good
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Mark Alves

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Happy spring?

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No kiddin'
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Mark Alves

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Have you filled out your brackets for #MassMadness yet? In my Faithful Four I have:
1) Overly Eager Sign of Peacers
2) Coats Spread Out in Pew to Mark Territory
3) I'm Not Sleeping, I'm Praying
4) "Enter Under My Roof" Mumblers #catholic 
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Mark Alves

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Funny name for a hill, but it's the best sledding one in town. 
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+Jordan Henderson, never thought of it that way, but now I will. He should have been at the bottom of the pile to feel the pressure poor Ukraine is experiencing these days. 
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