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A long time in the making, I'm proud to launch my new #onenote notebook!

The new notebook is called OneNote Class Resource Guide and is targeted specifically at teachers, school leaders and educational technologists - you get the idea ;-)

The notebook contains links, tips and guidance related to OneNote in Education, in particular to the OneNote Class Notebook app for Office 365. You're most welcome to check it out at

Feel free to share this information with others.


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Exciting news from the +Inoreader and IFTTT teams: the Inoreader Channel on IFTTT is now live. Inoreader is a top-notch content and #RSS  reader.
Read more in my own blog post
in the announcement from the Inoreader team:

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The MOZ blog is featuring an article by +Henneke Duistermaat @HennekeD, titled: How to Create Seductive Blog Content: A Quick-and-Dirty Guide. It's a very easy read and has lots of tips that you can smoothly integrate into your blogging approach - at least it highly resonated with me.

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Just stumbled across this WordPress plug-ins and themes security warning. It seems to me this particularly affects self-hosted WordPress installs, but I figured I'd post it anyway.

Lorelle, could you shed some light please on how to decide where a comment should go - here on the Google Plus group, or in the comments of your WordPress School blog post? 

Catching up with the previous week's assignments and readings, I must admit that filling out the Site Master Plan is already a challenge for me. Especially figuring out realistic and measurable goals turns out not so easy. My test blog will be about my passion Microsoft OneNote.

Goals I can think of right now are
1. Write blog posts 3-4 times weekly.
I'm a typical case of personified writer's block. It's related to my perfectionism, a trait I'm everything but proud of.
2. Of these blog posts, 2  should be screencasts.
Screencasting is a skill I want to master as soon as possible. I'm in the process of tuning up my video and audio recording equipment. Luckily, I have found an experienced screencaster who's coaching me in fighting my anxiety to record myself.

Other goals could be about audience engagement and increasing my professional reputation and personal brand. Those metrics make me feel a bit uncomfortable because I've never looked at blogging from those perspectives.

How are you all approaching the goal-setting part of the Site Master Plan? Do you want to share your goals?

The Microsoft OneNote team has just requested that I'd let you all know about a new hashtag that is being introduced: ‪#‎OneNoteClass‬. This hashtag will be used from now on to refer to the #OneNote Class Notebook Creator application. On behalf of the OneNote team thank you for using this hashtag in your future writings about this subject.

I just noticed that update for #OneNote for Android 15.0.3230.1032 was released in the Google Playstore today, Nov 12.

Several reports are now coming in on the OneNote for Android Beta Community that this is indeed the long-awaited release that fixes compatibility with Android 5.0, Android Lollipop, Android L.

Please report if you have installed this update and how it's working for you.

I just noticed that update for #OneNote for Android 15.0.3230.1032 was released in the Google Playstore today, Nov 12. With regard to what's new, it doesn't mention anything but "Bug fixes and performance improvements". Have any of you who are already on Android 5.0 tried this new release?

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Yesterday the folks from +taskclone followed up to my suggestion that similarly to their Evernote support, they would consider adding support for #OneNote. Now that the OneNote API offers to create ánd read the full tag set from a page, the TaskClone developers are ready to start development on the integration. To begin, they'll implement one-way sending from OneNote to the other apps they support.

Their big question is: what to-do or task management apps do you use the most? Please leave your feedback, either here, on Twitter, on the LinkedIn group, or on Yammer.

For an overview of apps supported by TaskClone check out
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