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Artist, educator, curator

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Here's an album that includes many photos of LISA artists' work, hosted by galleries at Art Silicon Valley/Art San Francisco in San Mateo this past weekend.
Art Silicon Valley
46 Photos - View album

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Random +Quora question: What is the most compressed file ever (it's ZIP files all the way down, apparently) 

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18.7 GB of NYC taxi fare and trip data (+ a nifty vizualization) is now available thanks to +Chris Whong, who made a Freedom of Information request to get it. Thanks, Chris!

For now, the best download link looks to be the one provided by Andrés Monroy:

If you've always wanted to make lush geodata visualizations à la Eric Fischer, this could be your chance. Speaking of which, go see his 1.5 million +RunKeeper  tracks viz already: (done with +MapBox

#geo   #data   #opendata   #infoviz   #viz  

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IKEA smacks down IKEA Hackers, it would seem we don't own our BILLYs, just as we don't own our phones - no modding allowed.

Ok, so the official issue was that the site used the IKEA name and visual elements (never a good idea) and had ads. But it's hard not to think that the modding was the key factor. #drm   #hacking   #ikea  

From +Daily Dot 

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My slide deck from  Eyeo 2014: Field Reports From The Trenches Of Art & Technology - Inconvenient truths about (digital) art, hard-earned insights from the curious intersection of art, design and startup culture.

#art #design #creativecode #eyeo2014
Pro tip: Download the PDF to get usable embedded links. 

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"It's really difficult to drop a brick on another kid's head, because you have to figure out the hypotenuse. Luckily, I'm Chinese." Master Lee on +The Moth 

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The first part of the eighth chapter of "The History of Computer Art" is now online in the English translation. The missing last chapter VIII.2 will follow.
Chapter VIII.1 on three modes to use computing processes in Computer Art: URL:

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Remember Scriptographer? Basil.js works similar magic for InDesign, enabling computational graphics, semi-automated layouts and scripted typographic shenanigans.

Created by Ted Davis, +Benedikt Groß and Ludwig Zeller at Academy of Art and Design Basel. #javascript   #generative   #adobeindesign  

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This is important (to me, at least): Paying Artists, survey and critique of the ability of artists to make a living. The survey is UK-specific, but the principles are universal.

See also: Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.)

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Be conflicted if you will, this +Art21  video of the construction of Kara Walker's "A Subtlety" is still fascinating. It details the use of styrofoam blocks to construct the sphinx-like sculture as well as the casting of the "sugar babys" from sugar and starch. 

Bonus fact: A "subtlety" is a sugar sculpture.
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