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I love to code.
I love to code.

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Cautam colegi noi pasionati de tehnologii mobile, cu experienta in PHP, pentru pozitia de software developer PHP in biroul din Cluj-Napoca. Ne bucuram de recomandari!

Appsrise is a startup focused on developing intelligent mobile solutions for international clients. At Appsrise you will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies and to test your abilities while developing innovative mobile applications backend and CMS.

We are looking for PHP software developers who are passionate about mobile technologies and have prior PHP experience for our office in Cluj-Napoca.


Appsrise este un startup orientat spre dezvoltarea de solutii mobile inteligente pentru clienti internationali. Alaturi de noi vei avea ocazia sa lucrezi cu ultimele tehnologii PHP si sa iti pui la incercare abilitatile, dezvoltand sisteme backend si CMS-uri pentru applicatii mobile inovatoare.

Cautam colegi noi pasionati de tehnologii mobile, cu experienta in PHP, pentru pozitia de software developer PHP in Cluj-Napoca. 

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Victor Gradinescu is the co-organiser of GDG Bucharest and has been involved in the tech community for over four years. 

He's a Senior Android Developer and at DevFest 2015 Romania he will show us how to catch speed with Android Auto.

Join DevFest 2015, November 12 - 13, Cluj-Napoca to find more 

#devfestro   #android   #androidtv   #androidauto  

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Marius Mailat is the founder and chief Android expert at +Appsrise  and since 2015 the first Google Developer Expert in Eastern Europe. 
He is an active Android trainer, a frequent speaker on technical conferences and events.
At DevFest 2015 Romania, Marius will cover the Android topic in his presentations. He will talk about “Hacking the living-room, the story of an Android TV custom ROM” and “Developing from Android Wear to Android Auto”

Time to buy a ticket

#devfestro   #android  

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If you want to know how to create a code architecture for a complex Android app, then ‪#devfestro is the right place for you. Catalin Morosan, our Android speaker will help you to understand the advantages of a clean architecture.

Catalin is passionate about Android and technology that brings value to humanity as a whole and he works on an app for UNICEF.

You still can get your ticket at DevFest 2015, November 12 - 13, Cluj-Napoca

#android   #devfestro   #google  

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Do you want to know more about Google Cloud Platform? DevFest is the right place for you.

Bogdan Nourescu is the only Google Cloud Platform Authorized Trainer from Romania, +Atlas Networking and his presentation at DevFest will be about “Containers in the Cloud”

Join DevFest 2015, November 12 - 13, Cluj-Napoca to meet Bogdan and learn more about Google Cloud
#devfestro   #cloud  

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GDG Pitesti new meetup.
A mai ramas doar o singura zi pana la evenimentul Google Developer Group Pitesti. Daca nu v-ati inscris inca, atunci completati formularul. 

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Glad to announce the DevFest 2015 Cluj-Napoca. 3 Google Developer Experts, international and local speakers. Join us 12-13 November in Cluj-Napoca and join the estimated 300 developers win a cool conference with 3 tracks: Android, Cloud and Web. From Android to node.js, from Angular JS to Android TV.
DevFest is a community conference for professional developers, tech entuziast, students with topics around Android, UXD, Cloud and Web.
We expect 300 participants from Cluj, Bucharest, Brasov, Pitesti, Timisoara.

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Another +Google ATAP project launched this morning on I/O.

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Adoptable Storage Devices!

The M Preview released earlier today has a powerful new feature that allows you to "adopt" an external storage device (like an SD card or USB drive), enabling users to move both app code (APKs) and private app data to that device.  When a storage device is adopted, the platform wraps it in a layer of encryption and formats it similar to internal storage.  (In contrast, the original Apps-on-SD feature launched back in Froyo could only move app code, not private app data.)

Also, to help users free up internal storage space, they can choose to migrate their "primary shared storage" (living at /sdcard) to any adopted device.

If you flash the preview build onto a phone/tablet, you can enable the adoption feature for testing with USB OTG devices by using the command described here:

Normally only storage devices in long-term stable locations (like an internal SD card slot inside a phone/tablet, or a USB drive attached to a TV) are supported for adoption.

Along with all of this work, the platform now has much better support for USB OTG storage devices (think USB flash drives).  When a new device is inserted, a notification appears offering to "browse" that device along with simple options to manage/copy contents.

Please kick the tires and file bugs!  :)  #io15 #android
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