27 microbes.  This is a glimpse of the life of a community of 27 microbes (aka chemlambda quines). Initially the graph has 1278 nodes (atoms) and 1422 edges (bonds). There are hundreds of atoms refreshed and bonds made and broken at once. The animation is based on a screencast which can be seen at

The purpose is to show the difference between the computation and the visualization of the result. The computation has been done with quiner.sh and 3_27_quine.mol from the repository, the visualisation is done with safari, the browser which up to now has proved to be the most flexible as concerns these programs of mine.

The computation was a piece of cake, the visualization works but is kind of slow, so the screencast is made at 8X speed.

At the demos page you can find the ancestor of this, namely


and you can explore more and do your stuff, or validate the background of these post, by going to the README  of the repo

Animated Photo
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