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Marius Buliga
None but a geometer here
None but a geometer here


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Opinion piece about Open Science and Open Access

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Transparency is superior to trust
is a quote from the section on Reproducibility, [1].

My interpretation of this great #openscience quote:

- to have, as readers, all the reasonable means to independently validate a research result

is superior to

- trust the publisher of the scientific article which describes the research result, or even to trust the work of peer review done by others, based on the same material which is available to the reader as well.

[1] A manifesto for reproducible science

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Virus like envelope with Turing machines a better animation than [1], taken from [2]. For TM in chemlambda see [3].

[1] Turing machines grafted on the mock ebola matrix constructor


[3] Turing machines chemlambda style
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I would participate to a Google+ initiative to give users tools to make journals (or datasets, whatever) instead of collections. From peer-review to validation, just the tools and the hosting. And the external visibility (outside G+).

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How nice! Buffer overflow attack of the DNA analyse computer, done from a small piece of DNA.

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Complex math can be made so simple with the right point of view. Figure made for explanations of needs [1]. Wait and see, meanwhile enjoy the elegance of symmetry.


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... where I tell the whole story about the script for a #TED talk, very weird but hopefully funny. Then there's the script and the slides.

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Pnyx the substrate of things.

[1] Pnyx, wikipedia

[2] Thing, thingstead, res

(The Latin "res" is dumbly classified as "object" in wikipedia.)
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