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Marius Budu
Dreamer • Creator • Flesh & Light Sculptor -
Dreamer • Creator • Flesh & Light Sculptor -

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Recently I have been shooting small video clips during my photo shoots and have decided to make a series of short films. This is a teaser from the upcoming short film: 'Phantasmagoria - Sequence I'

Please let me know what you think. Would you like to see more video work from me in the future?

Muse: Veronika | Music by: Morten Jaeger and myself

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Help me find a communications/ PR/marketing intern in Copenhagen!

Please share this with people you think might be qualified/interested:


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New interview with MonoVisions Magazine. It features my 'Lament' series shot with Rubia Stri.

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Hey +Ben Secret - I came across your work as I was searching for an advanced tutorial on frequency separation. Yours ( was by far the best. Thanks for that!

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My very first behind the scenes video and a first glimpse into what one of my shoots looks like. 

Hope you like it and please be social, like, comment and share the video :)

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Check out my interview with VICE Magazine (in Romanian)

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Just uploaded the 'Dreamworld' folder to my images containing fleeting ephemeral figments of the subconscious mind. Have a look :)
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