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Happy 13th Birthday, Google!
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What do you get for the search engine that finds everything?
have you been there the whole time Marissa?
Really, From My heart, Happy birthday to this great company :)
An amazing 13 years - changed the way we interact with the world. The question I have been asking my friends lately is when did you first start using google? It is hard to pinpoint for most of them.
Oh no.....Google is now a teenager....does that mean it's going to start grunting at us when we do a search....or even worse...not reply at all!! Happy 13th Birthday Google!! :)
Google impressed me, 13 years ago. Since then, not so much, they've established a pattern that exhibits more imitation and acquisition than innovation. :)
Google, happy birthday !
Wow, it's already been 13 years ... back when Altavista seemed to king of the hill ... congrats to an incredible company!
Happy birthday Google.
Now Google is old enough to open a Facebook account:-) I’m just teasing, happy birthday Google!
Oh, didn't know that. Happy birthday google!
13 years and Google knows more than I will ever know. Thanks for organizing the web in such a short while. Cheers @Google...
Ray G.
today's doodle is nice
Happy birthday Google! To the next 13 years and beyond! :)
Oh wow, it's been 13 years now.
I can barely remember the time when I used Yahoo! for search XD

Happy Birthday!
Happy b'day happy b'day it's your happy day !!! :D
Happy Birthday Google and wish your stocks are higher than ever before ;)
Wow it's only been 13 years, can't Waite to see the next 13 years.
Happy Birthday G@@gle:) heheheh
Happy birthday, a new feature to google+ will be birthdays of friends and google!!
Happy birthday Google! cant wait to see the next couple of years ! :)
10 mins.. 65 comments and 102 likes!!U can see How people Love Google !!
Welcome to teenage!

Happy B'day!!:D
I got an update you should do!
Please let us re-organize photos on the albums, and move the photos from one album to another.
Many Many returns of the day 'GOOGLE'
G for Genius G for Google.......cheers!!!!!!
happyyyyyyy biiirthdayyyyyyy Google ^^
Happy birthday Google. You have a son Google+.
I like also Google Plus.
Googles 13th Birthday - great excuse for a celebration - happy birthday Google
yay google! will celebrate to you today! :D
there will be a hell of a party with champagne in the Google Office, i'm Invited ?
So when is Google going to rebel and move out? I hear the moon's open for couchsurfing.
yes.......from indonesia,happy birthday,google..
Happy Birthday the great IT company.
Wish u a very very Happy 13th Birthday Google !!
Has it only been 13 years? Google is such a big part of our lives now it seem slike it should have been longer. Thanks for the update +Marissa Mayer
When's the Bar Mitzvah?
well done Google for bringing so much to the internet :)
Happy birthday, Google !!! But why the actual date isn't September 4th, when company was incorporated? What special did happen on September 27th? (I checked timeline, but haven't found =) )
Happy Birthday Google! Lots more years to go I hope! :D
Happy B-day, Google! You are a real "teen-ager" now! Lucky 13! ;-)
wow, 13 years, hope its a lucky number! Happy Birthday!
"selamat ulang tahun google" (indonesian language) : "happy birthday"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
happy birthday Google and many many more great years ahead
Happy Birthday GOOGLE !!!!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday google! When Ice Cream Sandwich?
Happy Birthday Google, thank you for making our lives all the bit more easier! :)
Happy birthday Google.Keep rocking.
Wow today's Google's Birthday!!!! Didn't even Know :( Happy Birthday to the King of The Internet!
happy birthday google..........................
joyeux anniversaire, Happy birthday, Otanjoubi Omedetou
Jerry B
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday, Google!
Happy Birthday,Google! :)
Happy Birthday Google, Always be King of Internet,
WOW, its hard to believe it has been 13 years! Congratulations Google! Here is to a many more!
Not convinced with the logo selected for Birthday. I was expecting some magic logo............
13 already? I remember when you were born! Still cute!
Are you giving it a bar mitzva?
Does it make me a bad person to be in love with a 13 year old?
Hieu Do
Thanks for all, Google <>
Here's to you, Google! I don't know what life would be without you (but I don't want to find out.)
Happy birthday Cybernet
-- John C
happy b'day to you ♪ ♫ ☺
Holy cow! It's hard to imagine life online without Google anymore. G+, Gmail, contacts, search, calendar, on and on... Thanks!
Happy 13th Birthday to you, Google! 
Oh NO! Google is starting the teen years! Moody searches ...
Let the sulky moody years of Google begin then !!! They are already complaining about the Facebook > Spotify "love in" (with good reason mind).
happy birthday google as its is 1 min less than 12 am :p
So will we see the Google car when Google turns 16?
Not to mention Google Gambling at 21st birthday ? (what is the legal age for gambling in USA ? am I right ?)
Feliz Cumpleaños G! ♠
Good morning~everyone~
Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah - that makes Google an adult
google will last forever now it has come of age with PLUS
Happy, HAPPY Birthday to you My Google, good buddy
Perhaps not such a lucky year? Especially given hearings underway?
So hard to believe that many years have passed. I remember sitting at Infoseek and wondering, "what are those guys thinking? Inbound links? Don't they know it's all about keywords?" Ha!
Wow, that kinda makes me feel old.
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