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Today our logo pays homage to great B&W photographer Robert Doisneau!
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How very appropriate to share here:)
Why is the snippet in Spanish? :P
Art Leo
Hi Marissa, can you let someone know that the new G+ layout looks horrible. It looks something that a 3 year old drawing it out of crayons or something. The Google+ logo next to the search is partially covered up by the useless sidebar to the left. When you scroll down the top menu is covered by the center stream portion. Are you sure professionals designed this page? Are google hiring slave labor from India to do a half-ass job. Sorry to be so blunt, I wish I can squint or use some type of 3D glasses to avoid the ugliness of this new layout! I think this is just the Opera Browser doing this but still!
Nice to see Robert Doisneau and his pictures displayed all around the world, for a day ! Thanks Google !
I love Doisneau. A bit disappointed by the doodle though.
Cool, more of this please! Makes the internet a more beautiful place :)
Great find that fits the aesthetic of Google!
Roland, how about you just hush up and appreciate Marissa's hotness!
+Edward Howell sure, Marissa is hot (and she surely knows this) but now we are professionals, aren't we?
When I comment I just comment geek to geek so to say.
No, I am not a professional. I just like hot chicks. 
This is one of my Greatest French Photographers
I like his Pictures about the uninvited guest to the wedding at the bar,
his picture of the drunk,
the two little boy and girl and the police man across the street
at the phone box.
and the list go's on and on...
he has influenced mine and many other great photographers.
I take my hat off for Robert Doisneau !!!!!
How to join yahoo.. why cant they compett google..what is the reason..why
Hi! such nice to meet people like you
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