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Just got Uber's "on-demand mariachi" email. On May 4th, you can request special Ubers with bands, margaritas and more. #totallyawesome
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Jon Dye
it's early to be celebrating may the fourth guys. it's not like the 12 days of christmas here
Never too soon to start warming up. Happy Uno de Mayo!
Looks like the Internet never stops bringing new surprises... Hace fun
I'd like to see an Uber car with an entire band in it!

Or is that not what they meant?
wats dat uber all bout? can anyon pls tel me.. kinda controversial fact haan!
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Jon Dye
Why would she be the person to fix this? Go through Google support like everybody else.
wha???  they don't just do car service anymore?  "on-demand mariachis"?  haha!  I have to try it just for fun...  
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