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Congratulations to the TIME 100 for 2012, especially Ginni Rometty - honored that I was asked to write the piece about you.,28804,2111975_2111976_2111962,00.html
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RM Sorg
Awesome article!
Mathy M
wow! Marissa Mayer.
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As an IBM'er, I am proud to see Ginni appear on this list (for all the right reasons, as opposed to some others on this list). As the father of a young daughter, I am glad to see someone like Ginni rise to such heights (and hope my young daughter can one day achieve something similar).

However I do disagree with the last sentence of your piece. If you check your numbers, you will realize that IBM has always invested very heavily in R&D. The recent IBM stock highs has more to do with heavy streamlining of IBM operations in the last 5-6 years, than increases in R&D investment. While driving such efficiencies is always a good thing, I sincerely hope Ginni will drive IBM to greater heights by focusing more on increasing the top-line, rather than the bottom line. As an engineer, I hope Ginni will make IBM refocus on investing in hiring and retaining the best and brightest engineers, much like Google does.
If you have a business...what is the iter for google ventures?
+Marissa Mayer Love to read your "... Rometty will undoubtedly bring to bear innumerable technological breakthroughs ..." back to IBM, which was a symbol for innovation at one point.
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