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I'm irrationally happy that Shamrock shakes will be available at any and all McDonalds this year... :)
McDonald's extreme-green shamrock shake is going nationwide for the first time, revealed the fast food franchise on Wednesday. The leprechaun-colored shake is currently available at every one of McDon...
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Just visited a site that lets you know of ShamrockShake sightings...
I was all excited. Then I realized they are non-alcoholic. :D
I've never tried one of these. Perhaps I'll make a new tradition this year.
I do not usually do McD's, but a shamrock shake is worth the stop.
Mint. And, yes there are lots of sites that track the shake sightings because it used to be up to individual managers whether they offered them in their location. This year, McDonalds decided that all McDonalds should offer them. Yay!
is there any information available if this is gonna be available in mainland europe?
The next time I'll set foot inside a McDonald's is when they start serving green beer.
But that means you'll have to actually go to McDonald's.
I believe the green colour comes from the special ingredient 'nuclear waste'...
Mmmm... Irish Milkshake with the McRib... hello Treadmill!
I wasn't aware they weren't a national thing. and +Paulo Gaspar you did just spoil it for me.
Goes well with Jameson, I hear.
I used to love these when I was a kid. Then I had one a couple winters ago for the first time in at least ten years, and it had way too much syrup in it, was gross. So gross that I don't even want to try another, even if it's easy on the syrup! Vanilla ftw.
They taste like Crest Brand Toothpaste. Ahhhhhhhhh that green Minty Goodness!
"any and all" meaning the US, as usual.
Find out what REALLY is in that "Shake!"
"Get your filthy paws off of me you damned dirty apes!"
I'm here in Berlin, Germany, irrationally unhappy now (for I don't know the drink but like the colour ;-) ).
+Sandor Ragaly: From Portugal, I have similar irrational feelings. Other factoids: Wikipedia says it contains mint; Green is the color of hope... so, we can always hope to also taste this thing one of these days! =:o)
Ron P K
mcd's shamrock shakes.. and marissa mayer, what could be better
did you hear about the bacon shake that Jack-in-the-Box has?
WAIT so i can get one of these THIS WEDNESDAY?!?! IM SO EXCITED ! but im going to be sad if I go on wednesday and find that its not there ;(
boo Jay
Aww shoot! I'm allergic to green.
I didn't? Know Crack comes in green now. Fantastic!
maybe some google products should be international too ;)
McDonald's make the best milk shakes in the world!
Can't believe you passed on the rare opportunity to be irrationally "exuberant" - does not come up that often.
i don't see it in australia.....
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Ricky probably a shake loaded with green food coloring!
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