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Marisa Goudy
Writer & Storytelling Coach
Writer & Storytelling Coach

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Can you write a blog post in an hour? Would you even want to?

In defense - and celebration - of the writing process in our "just churn out some content world."

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Blessed are the writers who help us remember this Memorial Day.

#memorialday #veteran #writing #storytelling #memoir

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Learn how to transform your blogging & content marketing through storytelling.

Join us for this one-of-kind webinar and find out how to
apply the creativity of storytelling and the strategies of content marketing to connect with the readers who matter to you and your business.

In this free online class you will learn:
1) What makes a good story - and why your success as a thought leader and creative entrepreneur depends on it. 

2) The "rule of three" and why it's so important when you want to write blog posts that people read and share.

3) How to spot a story that's out of balance. Discover how the Storytelling Triangle can make your online content work.

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Stories depend on community and community depends on story.

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Early #caturday  wisdom from #365StrongStories  guest storyteller +E.H. Reagan. 

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The difference between telling a strong story and writing “just another blog post”: people care about you and come back to you when you touch them with a story.

#contentmarketing   #blogging   #storytelling  

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“Oh honey, let’s not tell that story.”

It's so easy to say this to our kids when we're busy, stressed, or just can't handle a little voice reminding us of our flaws, fears, and regrets. But those words take their toll...

#parenting  #storytelling #365StrongStories

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They say everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, but in Brenna Layne's guest story today, there's a key ancestor that almost certainly was not. 

#365StrongStories   #storytelling  #Irish #StPatricksDay

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St. Patrick wasn't a fan of the Goddess (to put it mildly) but I think the Irish Sovereignty Goddess has more to teach us about writing and business than some guy with a snake problem...

#stpatricksday   #writing   #entrepreneur   #Ireland   #goddess  

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*Tell Stories that Matter : Write Online Content that Your Readers Care About *

Connect to your ideal clients and build your online presence by becoming a stronger storyteller.

The new online course from writer and writing coach Marisa Goudy is designed for emerging thought leaders who is sick of saying "I'm writing but no one is listening."

Learn how to access your own experiences and ideas and turn them into stories that engage and inspire.

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