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There will be a lot of Italy in next version of Google Glass!
A new version of Google Glass is in the works and will be out soon, the chief executive of Italian eyewear maker Luxottica said Friday.
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I guess that's a good thing... ;)
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A blog post on some of the more low-level details about the v22.1.0 support library release.

It’s been a while since my last post so here we are. You may have seen that the 22.1.0 support libraries were released yesterday, which is probably the biggest non-platform release we’ve done with the support library.
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Mario Viviani

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A quick overview by +Ian Lake on how to create Consistent Design with the updated AppCompat Support Library.
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The ultimate development board? UDOO!

Back this project, it's awesome! 
UDOO is raising funds for UDOO Neo = Raspberry Pi + Arduino + Wi-Fi + BT 4.0 + Sensors on Kickstarter! Wireless, Credit-Card sized, Android + Linux + Arduino™, Embedded Sensors, starting from $49. What else?
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Ohhhh yes!!! I was waiting for this!! #android   #wear
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+Mario Viviani Yes you're right about the the way i think there's no other practical solution to do something like this and change cards without touching the screen :-D I will try making an application with this kind of "gesture" and i will try the efficiency in my N5 Ahahaha, of course it's not the same thing..but, why not? :-D
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Mario Viviani

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Here you can find the fun slides deck me and +Sebastiano Poggi presented during our keynote talk at +Droidcon Italy!

It has been super fun!
I've just uploaded the slides of Something Something Android, the keynote session I gave with +Mario Viviani at Droidcon Italy last week.
Video recordings should be made available soon by the organisers.

Thanks again +Francesco Ronchi and +Francesco Brocero for letting us do this session :)
"There are well-prepared keynotes. There are serious keynotes. There are inspiring keynotes. And then there is Mario’s and Sebastiano’s keynote." Presented as opening Keynote at Droidcon Italy 2015 together with Mario Viviani.
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I can't wait for Android Pizza!
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Mario Viviani

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A good example of usage of AppCompatDelegate
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How to add Toolbar to an Activity which doesn’t extend AppCompatActivity

With the release of Android Support Library 22.1 you can now add AppCompat/Material Design features to your Activities which do not extend AppCompatActivity.

In this article, I analyze how easy is to add a Toolbar to a non-AppCompat Activity using the new AppCompatDelegate.


#gde   #android   #article  
AppCompatDelegate allows to add Material Design features to old, non-AppCompat Activities
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+Mario Viviani agreed - I feel like a LOT of documentation is "missing" from AppCompat in general. Look at how many blogs there are talking about how to implement a Material Design look using AppCompat - and I've found that almost none of them are 100% accurate. I've had to cobble together bits and pieces from multiple blogs to get 1 working app.

I'm hopeful that the new version will make some of the issues I've run into a little less troublesome, but lacking a good example from Google is a major hassle for me.
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Mario Viviani

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Great deck from +Stephan Linzner's talk at Droicon Italy!!
”Unit Test Support in Gradle, the new Android Testing Support Library 0.2, Espresso 2.1, JUnit4…everyone talks of testing in 2015 ! We will review what is new and what is coming from Google. Happy Testing!”

Following the release of the Android testing support library 0.2 and Espresso-Intents yesterday[0], i want to share the slides for my "What’s new in Android Testing"[1] talk, which i gave at +Droidcon Italy.

It was such an amazing event with so many passionate developers and amazing sessions! Hope to see all of you again very soon! Enjoy and keep on testing.

If you are in Madrid for +Droidcon Spain (June 23rd -25th)[2], please make sure you check out the talk from +Jose Alcérreca on “What’s new in Android Testing”.

#androidTesting #androidDev #happyTesting

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Did you know Moto360 has WiFi connectivity? Through the next Android Wear update it will be enabled, together with a lot of new features! 
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Me -> happy -> :)
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This is a HUGE update to Support Library!! A lot of cool features, can't wait to try them!
Android Support Library 22.1 - ActionBarActivity is dead, long live AppCompatActivity
You’d be surprised how much we can pack into a 0.1 update to the Android Support Library: revision 22.1 includes improvements to Support V4, AppCompat, Leanback, RecyclerView, Palette, and Renderscript.

Support V4 adds drawable tinting to all API4+ devices, the new ColorUtils class makes working with colors easier, and new interpolators have been added to make great animations.

AppCompat gets a remake as we deprecate ActionBarActivity for the new AppCompatActivity, now built on a AppCompatDelegate that can be used to add AppCompat functionality to any Activity. There’s also a new AppCompatDialog, support version of AlertDialog, improvements to widget tinting, and expanded android:theme support.

Leanback now includes a guided step functionality, making it easy to build a multiple step process that looks great on Android TV.

RecyclerView seeks to make life easier with a new SortedList data structure, making it easy to tie a changing set of data to a RecyclerView.Adapter.

Palette is now 6-8 times faster and has a new Builder pattern for constructing Palette instances.

Renderscript improved reliability and performance and adds additional script intrinsic operations, bringing new pre-defined operations to all API 8+ devices.

Check out everything that has been added in this release and download the updated Android Support Library via the Android SDK Manager.

#AndroidDev   #AppCompat   #SupportLibrary   #Leanback  
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Mario Viviani

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Android Wear Update FTW! Cool stuff coming...
The latest #AndroidWear  update gets Wi-Fi, gestures, a new app launcher, emojis and more
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