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Where is Doomsday when you need him?
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After having watched Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, I'm sort of dreading this.
Lucasfilm president confirms a new Indiana Jones movie is in early development
According to Kathleen Kennedy, Disney/Lucasfilm want to whip up another Indiana Jones adventure.
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Scene One: fade in to Indy rubbing his eyes in bed
"wow, what a nightmare..."
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The creation of #collections  is an interesting evolution.

I created an old circle I called "Archive" just so I can place posts I wanted to save.   #Collections now made that circle obsolete. 

I also created my +Relique as a place to post certain goals and achievements I had in the game.  In a way, that purpose of the page is now obsolete.

Of course, I could always use that page as an "in character" stream; however,  in practice I often forget about switching account and just post things as myself.  So who knows how collections will affect  that page.

TLDR;  Google gave use a new toy to play with and I still need to figure out what I want to do with it.
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They sell so well for like 10 days and then they just suck
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Spoiler Alert...

The seeds are being planted in the  #gameofthrones

R + L...
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I don't regret watching #avengers #ageofultron last night instead of #mayweathervspacquiao  .
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+Mario Valenzuela II I did the same.
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Have him in circles
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Because d4s need to be more caltrop like.
Jason Bouwmeester originally shared:
Thorn Dice Set

Take. My. Money.

#Dice   #DnD
This is a seven-die set that includes a d4, d6, d8, d10, decader d10, d12, and d20. Despite their spiky look, they won't scratch tables. They will, however, leave small dents in character sheets.
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0.o ...
Guys I was in the weird part of the internet again! I am forever scared...0-0
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The new hashtags hurt my brain when I contemplate the use case of a #portalreview being for the removal of an #ingressportal of an embossed city logo on a cement garbage bin.
Thank you to everyone that participates in the Portal Appeals Community. As the number of Portals continues to grow, it is important that we make room for the most extraordinary Portals that will delight Agents who visit them. 

Our revised criteria ( is even more focused on really cool and unique Portals that have a good story or that are of historical significance. We want Agents to be able to visit a Portal and learn something about their community or be visually impressed by an object they might not have known was there. 

Going forward, we will review all Portal Appeal candidates against this new criteria. We will continue to review all candidates but only overturn those that meet the new Portal criteria. 

If we overturn our decision we will add a #CoolPortal to your post and if we decide to stick to our original decision, don’t be disappointed, just #KeepDiscovering.
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If you could choose to save only one of these characters, and have the others die, who will live? 
259 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Agent Coulson
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I love Phil so much. he's my favorites Avenger (next to Cap!)
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This poll was from several days ago..

My power would be "magic" cause who needs one power when you have them all.*

As far as the quiz is concerned, it's hard to say which power I'd like to have:
-  Flight is problematic since the inertia from flying around at top speed makes things like landing or avoiding obstacles difficult.
- Teleportation can lead to instant death when used at long distances.
- Invisibility also can be problematic depending on how it works or how you use it.
- Healing is safe but boring.  Regeneration type of healing can be fun if you are self destructive, but might ultimately suck depending on the circumstance.   Being able to heal yourself or others could be interesting, especially if you are a con man.
- Understanding and speaking every language can be very handy, but also kind of boring.   One possible issue I can see with that power would be with understanding the meaning of what someone is saying rather than understanding what they said. 

* Assuming you knew the proper magic spell and it doesn't cause something unexpected to happen if you cast it incorrectly.
Google+ originally shared:
#NationalSuperheroDay poll: Which super ability would you choose? Don't see your choice listed? Tell us in the comments!

h/t to +Nacho Punch for the super image
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Speak every language
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We are but a collection of masks, each are worn for a variety of occasions or often under circumstances that are beyond our control; the mask I wear is cracked.

Politics: Moderate Conservative Libertarian Anarchist.
Religion: Heretic. Discordian. Subgenius

If you decide to circle me, you may want to place me into a circle based on one of the following interests:
- Android OS.
- Conspiracy Theories and the Paranormal
- Comics and sequential art.
- Games (Table-Top gaming, role playing gaming, and computer/video games).
- Ingress (especially if you are Enlightened)
- Music based Subcultures (Goth, Neo-victorian romantic, Steampunk)
- Parody Religions (Church of Subgenius, Discordianism)
- Technology

Bragging rights
My middle finger was blessed by Pope Saint John Paul II.
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April 23
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