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Perhaps the best thing about this article, which made me laugh out loud, was that I was served a Microsoft ad to upgrade to Windows 10. "Get the best Windows ever." 

A java browser plugin is not a very useful way to establish console access to x86-based systems. It never works when you need it.

God, I miss the days of serial consoles. It was slow as hell, but at least it worked.

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This is a great example of how the DMCA has been an absolute failure in the States. Not only can you not fix your own car because you're not allowed to circumvent any technical protection measures, you don't even own your car. It won't stop there. Anything that has software in it is subject to the DMCA.

Farmers take note, the Conservatives want to bring DMCA-style legislation to Canada which will affect your farm equipment. 

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How to use an aluminum Bialetti on an induction stove. Get a round electrical box cover and scrape off any stickers. It's almost exactly the same size as the coffee maker. Worked quite well for me. A little quicker than using my old ceran top stove. 
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I have a book of dvd's in my briefcase, a toolkit of sorts. It's heavy. Does anyone know of a program that would let me create a USB bootable hard disk where I could just dump iso images into a file system and then have a grub like interface to boot from one of them? 

Dear Company X,
Please get seasoned Unix system administrators to write your run control scripts. Using folks that are just learning about how Unix works to write these scripts is not only an embarrassment to your company, since it's often the only source code that can be publicly seen, it's causing security and infrastructure problems. Additionally, it is causing inter-group problems when we try to fix them but the application owner clings to your documentation as Gospel.

For example, an rc script (which runs as root in case you've forgotten) should never be sourcing files from a regular user's directory.

Other issues include sending any and all output of the script to /dev/null, leaving no trace of malfunction, or the opposite problem of creating log files without any log file management.

If you're really at loss on this one, might I suggest a couple of simple scripts to be run as the installed software's user which a properly written rc script can call?


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So, they're watching the SuperBowl over here, and they start playing what I know as "Zombie Nation". It's played a lot at Hockey Games too. This is a pretty good tune and I know it from the band "Grendel". Turns out this is a cover of a song called "Kernkraft 400" by a band named Zombie Nation.

And now the kicker: This is itself a remix of the theme music from a Commodore 64 song from the game "Lazy Jones", which I played heavily in my teen years.

Huh, culture really is an accretion process.

So, here it is.

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Watermain break at 150 Laurier Ave West. 

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