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Mario Miskovic
"There is something out there... Greater than us all..."
"There is something out there... Greater than us all..."

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We have problem with access to our client's Google+ Page, because we lost login information associated with it, or in another words, the only google account associated with the page is lost. All the info on the page can be verified via the official website (it's the same content), we have access to all the linked phones & e-mail accounts that are displayed on the Google+ page, and we've finally got the code for validating the business, that is the page for the business itself. Can anyone help us or?

Hey, I'm just trying to enter some information on our business local page (website url, mail, working hours), so it's all relevant and correct information for our listing, and after pending, all I get is  "We have updated your business information based on user reports and our data". According to that, the information provided by others is put ahead, and all my information is cleared for that reason, which makes no sense at all.

The listing in question is, and I'm the owner of the local page, in other words, my mail manages the page.


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