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Decided to make a list of battletags to play Diablo 3 mp, looking forward to playing with you guys! Add me: mac79pr#1446

View the list here:

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I'm sooo jealous, won't get to join you all for a few days at the least
I sent out a bunch of friend requests from the list this morning. Is there a way to add friends outside the game itself?
At least we were able to keep the people we added while on the beta, it also remembered my client settings (gamma, shadows, etc) from the beta even though I uninstalled it.
Yeah :) I noticed that too. I have a list of people that I added at Beta. I'll have to use the link up there and go thru and write the who and the battletag down for the new people you've gathered :)
Added / sent a friend request to everyone on the list that filled the form today. Thanks!
Crassius#1315 Add me, I don't like playing alone lol :)

Filled out form as well
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