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Mario Minware
"Common sense is not that common"
"Common sense is not that common"

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So is this the end?
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So prior to the new release of the flick "Ready Player One" directed by Steven Spielberg I decided to give the book a try.

And Holy Guacamole I finished it in less than 2 days. It's fresh, geek, futuristic and retro.

Definitely worth reading.

I am thinking of writing a full review on my blog sometime in the future. BUT IN THE MEAN TIME GO READ THIS MAGNIFICENT BOOK

#ErnestCline #ReadyPlayerOne
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Who is still using G+ in 2018???
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Volunteers helping people even if it's raining like hell. Check out @gastongarciam’s Tweet:
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Hey guys. If it is not much to ask, donate some spare dollars you might have to the Mexican Red Cross, or to Topos Mexico. We are in deep need of aid right now. Thank you!!!
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I did not steal this

🔞Age: 27

🚹Gender: Male

🏡Where you live: Mexico City, Mexico

🌇Hometown?: Oaxaca, Mexico

💟Single or Taken?: Taken :D

🎨Fave color?: Black

🏈Fave sport?: Kendo

🎈Bday?: 6th of February

👫Best friend?: Define friend, but my wife

🐶Any pets?: Yes, one black dog named Kurosaki

🍓Fave food?: Pizza

🎧Fave song?: I don't have one, but could Say Toreador II, or maybe in the hall of the Mountain King by Apocalyptica

🐙Fave animal?: Cats

🎄Fave holiday?: Christmas (YES ITS GREAT)

📺Fave TV show?: I am thinking none, but Rick and Morty

👠Fave article of clothing?: Black T-shirts

💔Ever had a bad breakup?: 2, out of 3 relationships

😢Ever self harmed?: Pfft, who hasn't?

😭Ever been depressed?: Pffft, who hasn't?

😒Ever contemplated suicide?: PFFFTTT WHO HASN'T DAMMIT

🌊Biggest fear🌊: There are three things that scare the fuck out of me: heights, the sea, and any sort of public praise of my work.

💄Do you wear makeup?: No

💃Can you dance?: Define dancing. But I am thinking "is headbang dancing?"

🎤Can you sing?: Define singing. But I am thinking not so good

💀Any strange medical conditions?: No, unless you consider irony strange, I am allergic to cats

👀Ever had a stalker?: No

💵Dream Job?: Teaching and helping other succeed within exact sciences/engineering

🚗Dream car?: A matte black Audi TT Coupe

🚼Want kids?: I already have 2

💌Wanna get married?: Yesh!

🗻Where you wanna live?: In my own place

🈳How many languages do you speak?: 3, Spanish, English, and Sacasmsh

☀Winter or Summer?: Winter

🍁Fall or Spring?: Fall

🌈Snow or Sun?: Snow

🗽One place you want to visit?: Finland

🙏Believe in God?: No

👽Believe in Aliens?: No

👻Believe in Ghosts?: No

🌙Believe in Fate?: No, to all 3 answers before this one. I don;t believe in anything. If it cannot be proven then fuck it.
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Why is my stream full of +emerald​ like what the hell stop posting XD
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