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Bed Bugs: we've seen the problems bed bugs can cause. It's on the news. People are talking about it. But can we do about them? Lucky for you, our latest blog post not only discusses how to get rid of bed bugs, but how do you spot them in the first place? Before following any treatment plan, make sure you have bed bugs!

Here's a snippet:
"If you see signs of bed bug infestation in your home, it is best if you find it early before it spreads. Treating the infestation when it is still minor is far easier and less costly than after it spread and become established. However, a small outbreak is very hard to find and identify. You can easily mistake other insects like carpet beetles with bed bugs, and if you misidentify bed bugs, it gives them more time to spread all over the house."

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Termite Damage can cause havoc on your home. Do not let your home look like this! Contact us for a free termite inspection.

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There are many types of spiders. It's best to know what type of spider you are dealing with before you approach one. In this spotlight, we discuss the Wolf Spider. (The name of the spider sounds worse than it is!)

Here's a snippet:
"The word wolf spider itself sounds scary. From the word wolf, you can tell the dangers that come with this animal. The name encompasses a family of many spiders, which are mostly dark colored and athletic. The spiders catch their prey by hunting it down violently using their sharp eyesight rather than looking for food while on the web like other spiders do. Their parenting is unique and exciting too. Wolf spiders are commonly found in grasslands, but they are also present in deserts and rain-forests provided they find insects."

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We are in the middle of winter. You may see some traces of rodents or other infestations. What can you do the control the pest problem in your home? We have you covered with actionable solutions!

Read our newest article on Winter Pest Solutions:

Let us know if you need professional help! We are also offering $300 off ANY service! Request a free termite or pest inspection online, call us at 888-945-2847 or visit our contact page.

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An often overlooked area to keep clean are backyards. We encourage all of our clients to clean their backyards to prevent infestations. Our newest article gives you tips and trick on what to specifically to keep your backyard clean and what can happen if you don't:

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We are in the middle of winter and it is time to reduce your mice issues. Read our latest blog post on how mice cause problems during the winter and what we can do about them.

Here's a snippet:
As the winter season approaches, homeowners may start to witness rodents in their houses. One of the pests that attack homes during this season is mice. The risk of mice increases as the temperature drops which comes with a lot of problems. One of the reasons the rodents population undergoes a large boost during winter is because they are looking for shelter to protect themselves from cold. During the warm season, the mice live outdoor like in the bushes, hollow logs, and tall grass. When the weather turns cold, their food sources disappear, and they need to look for places to survive until spring.

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We hate seeing spiders in our home! We want to do something about them! What are our options? Glad you asked! Our latest blog posts, "Taming Spiders in and Around the Home", talks about how you can tame those pesky spiders that have taken residence in your home (without paying rent!)

Here's a snippet:
Spiders are found in many places. There are different species found in and around the home. These spiders are of different species and are not identical. The only thing spiders have in common is that they have eight legs. Spiders are known to eat insects and act as a natural exterminator. However, despite these wonderful things they do, people are still afraid of them.

The fear of spiders comes from the belief that they are all poisonous while that is not the case. Most spiders are harmless to human beings and can be kept as pets. Spiders can make fascinating pets, but you need to know how to deal with them. Here are some tips on taming a spider and having it as a pet.

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