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Celebrate World Oceans Day 2013 ~ Together we have the power to protect the ocean!

Discover 101 ways you can help protect one the most valuable resources on our Planet with MarineBio:
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Scientists have released what’s believed to be the first-ever deep-sea footage of living oarfish. The serpent-like denizens, which reside at great depths, are presumed responsible for spawning myths of sea monsters among ancient mariners. The footage was captured in 2011 via remotely-operated vehicle in the northern Gulf of Mexico, and released this week.
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The fabulous Cuttlefish...

Photo Credit ~ Richard Wylie - Sea Dragon Photography
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Indonesia is the largest exporter of shark fins in the world. There is no current (or planned) legislation for the protection of reef sharks in Indonesia and CITES Appendix II (which only covers international fisheries) does not cover them either. This means that the fishermen around Indonesia are acting totally within the law by catching, killing and finning these animals. The animals are sold at the local fish markets for a small price in huge numbers. Ideally we would be able to use legislation to ban all fishing of sharks, however, this isn’t realistically going to happen any time soon. The local Indonesian fishermen will land anything they can from the sea in order to make some money. When we were at Tanjung Luar Market the array of reef fish, eels, sharks, rays and pelagics was unbelievable. They will take anything they can....
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The Curasub is a 6.5 ton, five person mini-submarine based on the venerated Aquarius submersible design and capable of reaching depths of 1000 feet. The craft has room for a pilot and four tourists, who view undersea landscapes unreachable to divers through 40-inch acrilyc viewports. Based in the island nation of Curaçao, the Curasub is operated by Substation Curaçao.
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The SeaOrbiter!

An incredible ocean research vessel scheduled to begin construction in late 2013!!

Similar to a space ship, the SeaOrbiter is a craft that's both above and underwater designed to accommodate 18 - 22 crew members to observe, listen to and study marine life 24/7 on prolonged missions.

It's planned mission is explore strange new waters... and to allow scientists and others a residential yet mobile research station positioned under the oceans' surface. The station will have laboratories, workshops, living quarters and a pressurized deck to support divers and submarines.

Visit their website and on Facebook @ for more details...
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